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Due to interest from Red Hat customers, we are pleased to announce that our Convert2RHEL utility officially supports conversions of Oracle Linux systems to fully supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). 

In our Convert2RHEL announcement in April of this year we announced support for CentOS Linux to RHEL conversions. Convert2RHEL is a powerful tool that minimizes the need for costly redeployment projects and reduces administrative burden by maintaining existing OS customizations, configurations, and preferences during the conversion. 

Over the last several years, the Convert2RHEL utility has been used with great success by Red Hat Consulting, partners, and customers to convert thousands of Oracle Linux systems to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Convert2RHEL has been historically popular with large customers in the retail, financial, and digital service provider industries. The recent enhancements and official Red Hat support makes it a valuable tool for customers of all sizes and industries. More details on using Convert2RHEL as a self-service tool are provided in the Red Hat Customer support policy

Why customers move to RHEL

Customers who have converted from Oracle Linux tell us they are looking for deployment flexibility, dedicated support, and a broad ecosystem of vendors, hardware, and cloud providers.

Red Hat develops and tests Red Hat Enterprise Linux, contributes directly to the community, and combines engineering and support teams for product development and case management. Customers receive security patches, enhancements, and new features directly from the source. This experience benefits customers in several ways: 

Learn more about Convert2RHEL

In addition to the Convert2RHEL FAQ, we have released official documentation for users who are converting from an RPM-based Linux distribution to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and a public-facing Red Hat Enterprise Linux migration process landing page to help guide your journey. 

RHEL customers can check out the Migration Center in the Red Hat Customer Portal for additional resources as well. We recommend that those with complex migration projects or those wanting to accelerate their migration engage Red Hat Consulting services experts to help them convert key applications and workloads.

Get started with Convert2RHEL today

Quick Start instructions are available in "An Introduction to Convert2RHEL: Now officially supported to convert RHEL-like systems to RHEL."  The same Quick Start instructions will also work for Oracle Linux conversions.

Migrate to RHEL at scale

For large scale conversions and ongoing management of large RHEL environments, Red Hat Satellite can help you synchronize and distribute RHEL content and updates to your environment.  Instructions for using Convert2RHEL with Satellite are explained in Steps for converting from CentOS Linux with Convert2RHEL and Red Hat Satellite.

Note 1: While not supported by Red Hat due to RHEL 6 being outside of the maintenance phase of the life cycle, guidance for conversions from Oracle Linux 6 is provided in How to convert from CentOS Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 6 to RHEL. Guidance is provided for upgrading from RHEL 6 to RHEL 7 on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Sobre o autor

Terry Bowling has been designing and working with customers on UNIX and GNU/Linux environments since 1999. He brings this experience to the RHEL Product Management team to provide the best experience to assembling and deploying RHEL for customers. This includes the RHEL installer, image builder and related build services for RHEL being developed at

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