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Red Hat Renewals Intelligence is a digital platform that places renewals data and insights directly in the hands of distributors and resellers. As part of Red Hat’s Partner Renewals Engagement Program (PREP), the Renewals Intelligence platform provides partners with daily-updated data on renewal performance and exclusive Red Hat sales insights. 

Featuring a suite of interactive dashboards, the Renewals Intelligence platform allows channel partners to gain a more complete picture of their Red Hat renewals business. This is especially useful for account managers, sales and marketing teams at distributor, reseller and solution provider companies. With Renewals Intelligence, we are equipping partners with actionable insights that can help contribute to revenue growth, improved customer experience and new business opportunities

The new Renewals Intelligence offering enables partners to: 

  • Review and understand their Red Hat renewal performance relative to competitors, goals and incentive targets
  • See how renewal opportunities have transferred in and out of their portfolio
  • View, filter and prioritize upcoming Red Hat renewals and access key contacts to help drive growth
  • Navigate daily-updated data and insights through an intuitive design with interactive charts and filters
  • Export data, including more than 70 data elements and data at the SKU-level, for use with our partners' own analyses and tools

We plan to continue adding features and capabilities to Renewals Intelligence for partners. For example, InfraRed is an upcoming feature designed to enable our distributors and resellers to uncover deeper insights with predictive intelligence. The InfraRed feature will offer sales predictions based on a series of machine-learning models developed by Red Hat’s data science teams.       

Renewals Intelligence is just one example of how Red Hat is actively investing in helping partners retain and grow business with customers. We aim to provide customer lifecycle engagement strategies and services to nurture partner and customer relationships, as well as enhanced purchasing flexibility and simplified digital experiences for our partners to offer customers. 

Supporting partners in an evolving marketplace

As the industry and world around us continue to evolve, some things will never change. Red Hat’s channel partners have always been critical to extending the reach and impact of our open source portfolio. Distributors, resellers and solution providers demonstrate a continued dedication to creating business opportunities for customers and act as champions for open innovation. 

The distributor and reseller market is often dominated by large industry players, making it increasingly difficult for small and mid-market companies to compete. As a result, businesses must find creative ways to remain relevant and successful beyond simply lowering prices. Red Hat partners need to have an understanding of what customers want and need, which can be a challenge, especially when dealing with smaller customers with fewer resources. 

We are constantly working to better understand the needs of our channel partners, big and small. Over the years Red Hat has introduced new flexible partner programs aligned to help channel partners stay competitive, grow business and develop deeper relationships with customers. In addition, the Red Hat Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN) program continues to offer learning opportunities for partners to expand their product and customer service knowledge base. 

In order to continue adding differentiated value for our partners, Red Hat is announcing the Renewals Intelligence platform to elevate channel partner engagement and generate better business outcomes. 

Check it out

Renewals Intelligence is available to Red Hat distributors, resellers and solution providers around the world. To gain access to Renewals Intelligence, partners can reach out to and their Red Hat channel team. A new learning path is also available through Red Hat’s OPEN program to provide partners with in-depth tutorials on Renewals Intelligence. 

Learn more about Renewals Intelligence by logging into the partner portal

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Andrew Joiner came to Red Hat in 2011, and he is responsible for our Global Renewals business. With a focus on customer success, partner growth strategies and field sales programs, the team’s goal is to amplify partners, renew Red Hat subscriptions, and grow customer business. Previously, Joiner developed and led a globally distributed organization comprised of operations, analytics and data science teams in support of Global Partners and Alliances, Renewals, and Red Hat’s verticals business. Joiner holds an MBA from Duke University, where he concentrated in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

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