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It has never been a more exciting time in the telecommunication industry. I feel like I've been saying this for the last 20 years and the truth is, working on the edge of technology within a very challenging business environment alongside brilliant minds only intensifies the excitement.

Industry events across telecommunications and technology are some of our best opportunities for community, discovery, and celebration. Another significant event is on the horizon, where telecom leaders will come together to discuss the convergence of the telco and cloud worlds. You won't want to miss the opportunity to attend TM Forum Digital Transformation World Ignite happening in Copenhagen this September.

This event is about much more than discussion and networking; it is also a time for Catalysts. Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects collaboratively developed by TM Forum members, and we at Red Hat are proud to join forces with our customers and partners to push industry and technology boundaries in several projects once again.

Intelligent edge for sustainable agriculture

Red Hat collaborated on last year's winner of "Outstanding Catalyst - Impact on Society and Sustainability." This project "Intelligent edge for sustainable agriculture" is progressing into phase II this year. One of our primary goals with this project is to simplify the onboarding process for AgTech solution providers, enabling them to bring products and applications (e.g., smart sensors, farm management) into a marketplace using a transparent architecture that delivers high-value outcomes to farmers. In addition to exploring the utilization of 5G network slicing for smart weeding, this project aims to enable service providers to offer a service that helps their customers to provide greater transparency on the impact of their sustainable development goals. We are excited about this project and our collaboration with partners such as AWS, epam, ETIYA, Intraway, NTT, OneCup AI, Telus, VantiQ, and Verizon.

Unlocking revenue and efficiency with intent-driven autonomous operations

Furthermore, we are embarking on phase III of the "Unlocking revenue and efficiency with intent-driven autonomous operations" initiative. The question on everyone's mind is how to capitalize on the revenue potential of 5G and edge. The opportunities seem boundless. To increase the likelihood of success, we aim to reduce friction in B2B flows. This project focuses on leveraging AIOps and intent-driven autonomous operations to optimize network utilization and explore innovative pricing and offering models. If this piques your interest, follow the Catalyst driven by our partners from KDDI Research, Nokia, Orange, Salesforce, Telus, and Verizon.

Our final Catalyst helps service providers to tailor their offerings for smaller organizations better.  They require reliable connectivity to perform their business tasks. Traditional solutions, like SDWAN, are not flexible enough and in some scenarios, may be cost prohibitive. The Converged access with ODA - Phase II Catalyst looks to solve this challenge by making multiple access technologies available and allowing the operator to choose which technology meets the customer's needs best. It does so by enabling end-to-end closed loop assurance across various access technologies based on desired SLAs and not only access failures as a trigger. We have worked with Incognito, Future Networks, and Brillio to achieve the desires of the champions from NTT, VNPT, Claro, GCI, and Verizon.

Achieving agility at scale to compete in the hyper-connected world

Beyond the Catalysts, there is still much more to explore at Digital Transformation World Ignite. As a sponsor of the event, Red Hat will have the privilege of having our experts share the latest trends, technologies, and lessons learned from our unique position in the intersection of the telco and cloud domains. Azhar Sayeed, Senior Director of Technology and Strategy for Telco, Media & Entertainment at Red Hat, will participate in a panel discussion with distinguished industry colleagues on the topic of "Achieving agility at scale to compete in the hyper-connected world." Panelists will dive into current capability gaps spanning technology, processes, and talent to enhance overall agility. You will gain insights into selecting the right technology and delivery model to achieve true business agility. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore insights and lessons learned on embracing cross-functionality and adopting agile methodologies and ways of working to facilitate faster decision-making and foster innovation while leveraging the cloud at scale.

If you plan to attend this year's Digital Transformation World event in Copenhagen, stop by the Red Hat booth #205 and check in with our Catalyst teams at their kiosks in the innovation labs area.

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Volker Tegtmeyer develops content strategies that show how Red Hat solutions can help telecommunications service providers meet their business and technology challenges. Solutions that help service providers in their digital transformation and as they evolve from telco to techco. New technologies cover broad areas from 5G, AI/ML, telco cloud, automation to new solutions that help tackling sustainability goals. Volker has more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry having previously worked in various roles at Siemens, Cisco and Akamai.

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