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With the pace of technology, software training must evolve quickly to help workers build new IT skills. Whether enterprises are adopting new software or upskilling on new versions of open source technologies that they’ve been using for years, they need the most relevant training materials delivered with flexibility for various jobs roles, business objectives, and learning styles. 

In this post, we’ll share why it’s important for us to have Red Hat Learning Subscription users be a part of the content development process and how you can be the first to see new, hands-on training.

One way that we’re helping learners meet their needs faster is by providing them early access to content within the Red Hat Learning Subscription platform. With early access, subscribers get first-look access to course chapters and lab environments before they are released for public purchase. 

Connecting early access users with final release quality

Red Hat Learning Subscription is a dynamic learning platform with new content published almost daily by Red Hat product experts. The courses are use-case-based and emphasize hands-on labs delivered by our world-class lab architecture. Students can choose from up to ten languages and multiple course versions tied to different product releases. 

The Red Hat Learning Subscription courses and labs are also ideal for helping prepare students for Red Hat’s performance-based certification exams. As a subscriber, you have access to new content on automation, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), edge computing, microservices, and other key industry trends.  

As the Red Hat Training team develops new courses, newly created chapters and hands-on labs are pushed to the learning platform daily through our continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) infrastructure. 

This allows subscribers the opportunity to start training on the latest technologies before the full course is available. For example, in 2019, subscribers had access to training on new features available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 months before the product was released. 

All early access content is available in all subscription tiers and allows users to provide feedback to the Red Hat Training team on the material. This early access process connects user input directly with the course authors to improve final release quality. 

Minimum Viable Learning Product 

To ensure the quality and usefulness of the labs, Red Hat Training courses begin with a lab-only Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Students have access to the complete set of hands-on labs for the course in the MVP stage, an ideal starting point for those seeking to upskill on the latest product version.  

Advanced learners can take the labs in the MVP stage to explore the main use cases for that particular technology and then immediately apply those concepts in their job. 

Once the courses and labs are finalized, they are added to the full catalog in the subscription.

Start using early access content today! 

You can access the early access content that is available now by logging into your account and clicking the “Early Access” button in the top menu bar. This content changes daily, so be sure to check back often.

If you’re not a subscriber, learn more about the Red Hat Learning Subscription.

Sobre o autor

Pete Hnath, Senior Director of Curriculum Development, is responsible for customer training and digital delivery platforms across Red Hat’s entire product portfolio. Hnath led the launch of the Red Hat Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS) that includes courses, cloud based labs, video classroom and expert seminars.

He is passionate about applying DevOps and SRE concepts into the curriculum development processes, demonstrated by Early Access, a feature in RHLS in which the team publishes chapter-level minimum viable products at each sprint boundary using continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools. Hnath’s team also follows a “single stream” development process leading to simultaneous publishing of classroom, virtual and self-paced courses.

Earlier in his Red Hat career, he co-founded Red Hat University and launched the Red Hat Sales College. Hnath holds a MBA from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and a BSBA from the University of Florida.

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