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Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience brought a host of learning and networking opportunities to IT professionals globally in April and June this year. Red Hat experts, partners, and customers presented the latest and greatest on high-performing Linux, cloud, automation, management, containers, and Kubernetes technologies.

Beyond technology, however, Red Hat Services sessions provided fundamental lessons to help enact widespread change within your organization. From solution implementation to enablement, Red Hat Services helps customers translate their technology investments into measurable and meaningful business outcomes. Services sessions included insights on process and culture, how to tackle digital transformation and valuable lessons learned during residencies with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. Be sure to watch these informative sessions to gain tools to help evolve your business through enterprise open source. 

In case you missed Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience 2021, or want to refresh your memory on our Services sessions this year, here’s a list of each of our sessions with a recording to view on your own time! 

Services at Summit

An open transformation from inside: How Red Hat transformed its distributed customer engagements

This Ask The Experts session highlights the journey that our experts on the Red Hat Certification and Red Hat Open Innovation Labs teams embarked upon on how they used open practices to transform ways of working and offerings in 2020. Randy Russell, Lindsey Yeadon, and Kari Mayhew share the path to implement remote exams to meet users’ needs while maintaining brand standards, and Open Innovation Labs residencies shifted to virtualization.

Digital transformation in these changing times

As many organizations continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, rethinking key aspects of cultural, technology, and business process modernization became paramount concepts to focus on. Improving business continuity was the biggest change companies recently faced, but increasing agility in operations, improving the use of data to uncover new insights, and creating new, innovative business applications were also top areas of focus. 

This Ask the Experts session spotlights what organizations identified as their top impediments to transformation, how they tackled those challenges, and what they are now measuring as their metrics for transformation success.

Blacks in tech: Red Hat career stories

Representation of Blacks in the technology sector remains marginal, despite the growing number of black graduates in STEM fields and commitment by tech companies to address disparity gaps. Black men and women in technology play a role in highlighting possibilities and inspiring the future generation to recognize their potential in the technology field, but there’s still work to be done to achieve progress. 

This Ask the Experts session showcases three Black professionals who’ve successfully entered the technology industry, their varying paths, and their diverse career journeys. Abraham Snell, Orieji Iroha Agwu, Brandon Simms, and Matthew Urena each share the challenges to addressing underrepresentation, and their individual contributions and efforts toward tearing down barriers and overcoming obstacles.

Cultura, procesos y tecnologías abiertas como ingredientes de transformación | Culture, processes, and open technologies as ingredients of transformation

This Ask the Experts session focuses on the main ingredients for effective business transformation.

Jorge Labayru, Thiago Araki, Luis Cardona Gutierrez, and Margarita Perera Ruiz showcase practices in use, and how Red Hat’s open approach can be applied to culture, process, and technology to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate the development of innovative new products while adapting to a more virtual world.

Curriki and Red Hat: Bridging the virtual education gap through open source

This breakout session spotlights how Curriki teamed up with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and Red Hat Training and Certification to bring stability and scalability to CurrikiStudio - the first free and open, interactive learning content authoring solution designed to accelerate and scale digital-first content development. 

Sandra Arps and Leonardo Cunha (CTO, Curriki) discuss why they chose to partner with Red Hat, what our collaboration entailed, and how the power of open source technology makes an impact with non-profit organizations.

Organize for innovation

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to a successful DevOps transformation? What is it made up of? Where do you start? Our Open Innovation Labs experts share what they’ve learned in their journey with our customers to be more successful at DevOps adoption in this Ask the Experts session. 

Change isn’t easy, and it’s even harder to maintain pace with the rate that modern IT changes and evolves. Mike Hepburn, Tim Beattie, and Will Watkins tell their stories of missteps and unsuccessful experiments along the way, but provide guidance that you and your teams can use with successful practices  they learned while working with Red Hat customers and partners.

World Health Organization & Red Hat: The power of open innovation for social good

This breakout session highlights our Red Hat Open Innovation Labs virtual engagement with the World Health Organization, and how open source technology has been at the forefront of fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic. Alexandra Machado, Anna Ciula, and Bharath Sundaram (Sr. Program Manager, WHO) go into detail about how the WHO built a scalable, more flexible DevOps platform to help with activities, including managing, testing builds, analyzing code, and data visualization, giving faster access to relevant healthcare knowledge and help reduce misinformation.

Cheat codes” for Red Hat partner training (This session is limited to partners only.)

You completed your partnership tutorials, now what? You want to take your training game to the next level, but you haven't figured out how to unlock it. This session will give you the "cheat codes" you need to beat the competition with the Red Hat Online Partner Training Enablement Network (OPEN). 

Specialized topics, deeper technical and sales content, and more are available at your fingertips. Kevin Chin and Cindy Hensen will show you the best-kept secrets to take full advantage of Red Hat partner training to learn and help you conquer your customer's toughest challenges.

Red Hat Services: Open Practices for your DevOps Journey

This session focuses on a new offering from Red Hat Services, Open Practices for Your DevOps Journey, covering the principles of various practices used during DevOps projects, teaching the optimal ways to achieve outcome-driven results through better collaboration, planning, and execution. 

Dan Kolepp and Donna Benjamin share some best practices and tools for executing projects with the Mobius Loop concept, as well as the first steps necessary to transform how your organization thinks about DevOps.

Watch on demand

This year at Summit, our Services sessions dove into how we’ve shaped our methods to accommodate remote deliveries, discussed the finer nuances of transformation, and advanced methods for innovation. Ready to learn more? 

You can register or log back into your Summit account to view these Services sessions and more. The recordings will be available for you to view on demand until May 2022. We hope that you’ll join us again next year for another excellent Summit event!

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