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Celebrating 25 years of Linux!

Acerca de este vídeo

Twenty-five years ago today via a short Usenet post, Linus Torvalds shared the first iteration of a free, hobby operating system that he had developed. Of course, what became known as Linux is now far, far more than a hobbyist’s OS and spawned a wave of innovation that significantly changed the IT landscape. While Linux is the poster child, open source is also about far more than an operating system (although it remains critically important!). The underpinnings of open source, from transparency and collaboration to freedom and broad dissemination, have spilled out well beyond the confines of enterprise technology to greatly impact both the world of consumer technology as well as the global business climate at large.

Read the full blog post here: https://www.redhat.com/en/about/blog/25-things-are-better-because-linux-...

Canal de vídeo
The Red Hat Way
Tiempo de ejecución
25 de Agosto de 2016