Processing data at the edge of the internet with SAP and Red Hat

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In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number and types of remote devices generating and transmitting information. These devices–the Internet of Things (IoT)–will allow companies to monitor, react to, and control remote devices and processing in near real-time. This brings a great opportunity to help our customers combine data acquired from IoT deployments with their business process data by providing technology both up and down the complete data and information infrastructure. And this opportunity includes everything from gathering the data, to processing and integrating with business data, to long-term storage for analytics.

However, with opportunity comes many problems, including: huge amounts of data, bandwidth limitations, security, loss of connectivity issues, and many more.The answer to these problems is to process some of the data at the Edge, i.e. “Edge Computing.” Fortunately, SAP and Red Hat are well positioned to respond to these needs. We have a rich ecosystem of applications, including many in which significant data processing is carried out at the edge.

This session will discuss these “IoT Edge” issues, and how SAP and Red Hat can help you resolve those issues.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/en/insights/internet-of-things

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