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The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat® blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.


Red Hat Rewrites the Business Automation Playbook with End-to-End Kubernetes-Native Decision Management Capabilities

Red Hat introduced new end-to-end Kubernetes-native decision management capabilities as part of the latest release of Red Hat Process Automation. Based on the open source Kogito project, the new capabilities enable individual business decisions to be created and deployed as containerized microservices that are managed by Kubernetes alongside other containers in the application environment, reducing redundancy and the footprint of traditional decision management systems when deploying in cloud-native environments like Red Hat OpenShift.




How Red Hat is helping drive telco’s RAN revolution

Red Hat is building a bridge for customers to embrace the open RAN movement, connecting business needs with the underlying technologies through our open source expertise. As part of this ongoing commitment, Red Hat has created a new dedicated ecosystem engineering team focused on collaboration with partners, and has added more than 250 engineers dedicated to solutions in the RAN space this year. Red Hat is also investing in engineering resources toward partnerships and Red Hat labs that are focused on innovation for RAN.




ITPro Today - Automakers Race to the IoT and Manufacturing Edge

With tens of millions of cars running Linux and Kubernetes (and needing to connect with nearby edge data centers) hitting the highways in the not-too-distant future, ITPro Today notes that it's not surprising that Red Hat is paying attention to opportunities in these expanding edge markets – and investing more in the manufacturing edge. Red Hat's Jered Floyd addresses the growing interest in internet-connected cars and the work that Red Hat is doing to meet the unique needs of automakers.



Datanami - Open Data Hub: A Meta Project for AI/ML Work

Open source software is a critical resource in data science today, but integrating the various open source products together can be a complex task. This is what drove Red Hat to develop Open Data Hub which brings over two dozen commonly used tools together into a single cohesive framework that simplifies access to AI and machine learning capabilities for data professionals.



Channel Daily News - Red Hat shares roadmaps for OpenShift Application Services

Red Hat laid out its roadmaps for three OpenShift Application Services during a session at the June segment of the Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience last week. These services, part of the company’s unified platform for building cloud-native applications, are managed cloud services supporting applications using real-time data streams, machine learning, and microservices.


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