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For more than 12 years, Red Hat and Rackspace have collaborated to bring open source to enterprise customers. Our companies started working together in 2003, with Rackspace as the first managed hosting provider for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The depth of Rackspace’s Linux hosting experience - Rackspace manages more than 40,000 globally distributed Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems - helped evolve our relationship into the cloud over the course of the last decade.

It is well known that OpenStack began as a joint project between Rackspace and NASA. Building on their success with Linux, Rackspace wanted to offer its customers open standards and enable choice. Red Hat shares those same goals, and for several years, we’ve been an OpenStack leader - in both the upstream community and in our efforts to bring a production-ready OpenStack platform to enterprise customers around the world. Many of these customers are already seeing the benefits of a unified, open source, private cloud platform. TD Bank is currently working to implement Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and Graeme Peacock, vice president of engineering, TD Bank, says “Given the bi-furcation that has happened with UNIX over the last twenty years, we wanted a product that was open rather than proprietary, provided real enterprise support and provided the best possible future proofing in a rapidly evolving environment.  We chose Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for that reason."

Today, one of the original creators of OpenStack and a leading enterprise distributor of the OpenStack cloud platform are announcing joining forces to provide a new managed cloud experience for customers.

As cloud computing matures, more customers are seeking more flexible, agile, and secure solutions to meet the critical business demands of their unique businesses. Both Red Hat and Rackspace are strongly committed to providing open source solutions to customers that meet these enterprise-level demands. Delivering choice, with long-term stability for production environments, Rackspace is now offering their customers Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform for their onsite data center private cloud or as a managed, private cloud service.

Through years of collaboration and a shared passion for open source and a rejection of vendor lock-in, Red Hat and Rackspace are expanding their collaboration to provide a solution that blends the stability, added security features, and openness of a Red Hat technology solution, with the agility, efficiency, and expertise of a Rackspace private cloud service offering. With this offering, Rackspace and Red Hat are providing a two-year maintenance and support cycle, to provide long-term support for the benefit of our enterprise customers

Red Hat looks forward to the coming decades of collaboration and innovation with Rackspace. Contact us for more information about this unique new offering.

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