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Migrating to a next-generation cloud infrastructure with Red Hat Consulting

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As organizations face pressure to reduce operational costs and be more agile for their stakeholders, it’s becoming critical that IT support an array of workloads. It can seem daunting to transition from the constraints of a legacy VMware-based infrastructure to a bimodal cloud infrastructure, where traditional, mode one applications and dynamic, complex mode two applications coexist. As more and more users turn to public cloud providers for next-generation capability, organizations must find ways to evolve how they deliver infrastructure and platform services to their users. Red Hat Consulting helps customers with a significant number of workloads running in a legacy virtualized infrastructure to deploy a bimodal cloud infrastructure, in which traditional virtualized workloads can coexist with cloud-ready applications under a common management platform. With an approach that radically simplifies the process of migrating workloads from legacy platforms, we’ll help you build a robust, flexible computing infrastructure to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), improve provisioning time, deliver services faster, and streamline processes.

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