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Lessons Learned from Teaching Young Coders

Femi Owolade-Coombes

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Out of all the lessons I've learned from teaching young coders, they all have one thing in common: The power of open source and the importance of developing community.

Femi Owolade-Coombes, Founder and CEO,

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Lessons Learned from Teaching Young Coders

When Femi Owolade-Coombes was 9 years old, he set up Raspberry Jam, a coding club, to share his passion for tech with other young people. Since then, the group has helped kids with autism and Tourette syndrome find community. In this live talk from Red Hat Summit 2019, 12‑year‑old Femi discusses how the power of open source and community can unlock potential for young coders.

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Femi Owolade-Coombes

Femi, also known as Hackerfemo, gained public attention when he set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for inclusive coding events. He’s since introduced hundreds of young people to coding, and conducts coding and robotics workshops for businesses and public organizations.

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Red Hat Summit 2018

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