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Red Hat Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are technical advisors for customers and partners seeking help with planning and deploying Red Hat software. For over two decades, Red Hat TAMs have played a pivotal role in ensuring exceptional customer experiences with Red Hat products and technologies. Initially introduced to provide personalized support and a single technical point of contact, TAMs quickly became indispensable for the success of technology projects. 

Recognizing the need to measure the business impact of TAM services, Red Hat commissioned an IDC study in 2019. The results revealed an exceptionally high value delivered to customers. This year, a refresher study was conducted by Forrester Consulting to evaluate the value of TAM services in the evolving landscape of cloud services and Red Hat's transformation into the open hybrid cloud space. The Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study reaffirmed the unique value provided by Red Hat TAMs. The study demonstrated a 379% return on investment (ROI) for a typical customer, with a payback period of less than 6 months. Improved productivity, reduced system outages, lower technology fees and enhanced security were identified as key drivers of this remarkable ROI.

Establishing a dependable partnership

The Red Hat TAM service has garnered a solid industry reputation as the go-to resource for major technology projects involving Red Hat solutions. Alain Elengesa, Telco Cloud Manager at Proximus Group, highlights the dependability of TAMs, stating, "Working with a Red Hat TAM ensures we have the best possible support from Red Hat and that the software can meet our specific needs as a telecommunications company." This testimonial exemplifies the crucial role TAMs play in supporting critical business operations.

Enhanced reliability and efficiency

Working with a Red Hat TAM resulted in an estimated 67% reduction in downtime for customers. The quick incident resolution and proactive measures implemented by TAMs significantly improved the reliability and resilience of customers' infrastructure. Customers achieved approximately $3.3 million in savings from enhanced developer and IT productivity, as TAMs facilitated efficiency gains and continuous improvement measures. The benefits clearly outweigh the costs.

Empowering developers and building skills

The study also examined the TAM engagement with developers, particularly in the context of Red Hat OpenShift. Results indicated that developer teams saved approximately 40% of their time over three years by working with a Red Hat TAM. Furthermore, TAMs played a vital role in enabling customer teams to rapidly acquire knowledge and technology skills. An application Architect in the financial services industry highlighted the TAM's contribution to skill development, stating, "Our TAM helps people upgrade their skills. People that are working closely with a TAM learn a lot."

Building trust and success

Red Hat TAMs continue to deliver exceptional value to customers, contributing to the success of large-scale projects. By fostering strong partnerships and demonstrating their expertise, TAMs earn the trust and respect of their customers. One customer aptly described their TAM as "a very smart and valuable member of my team." Such testimonials reflect the significant impact TAMs have on customer satisfaction and project outcomes.

Red Hat Technical Account Managers have been instrumental in providing customers with outstanding support and expertise for more than two decades. From critical business operations to improved productivity and skills development, TAMs have consistently delivered unmatched value. The positive feedback from Red Hat customers, combined with quantifiable business impact studies, reaffirms the crucial role of TAMs in ensuring customer success. Red Hat remains committed to delivering exceptional service through its TAM program, and we thank our customers for their continued trust.
For more information on how a Red Hat TAM can help your team drive success and innovation,  explore the full study or get in touch with a member of the Red Hat team today.

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Imed Chihi runs the Global Technical Account Management Practice at Red Hat. He has been with the company for more than 14 years, taking roles as Technical Account Manager, then as Manager of regional Customer Success teams. Prior to Red Hat, he was with Bull, Sagemcom and Sprint in Tunisia, the US, the UK and in the Gulf. Imed has been an Open Source advocate since 1996 and was involved with Open Source technologies for the past 24 years in various roles covering training, consulting, systems administration, IT management and people management. Strong with a long experience in both technical and leadership roles, he developed a solid and deep understanding of the technology and the associated social considerations to build and run a successful organization and engaged teams. Imed holds an engineering degree and a MSc. in Computer Sciences.

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