Renewing your IT culture with Red Hat Ansible Automation

Assista ao webinar de 13 de agosto de 2020
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Whatever your role in IT, you know managing technology is tough, yet it pales in comparison to managing organization-wide relationships.

In this breakout session, a senior IT analyst of Southern Company, a leading energy company, will share how they're using Red Hat Ansible Tower to reduce OS patching labor hours by approximately 90% and at the same time positively impacting longstanding social divides. He'll discuss:

  • How, with automation, they forged a path that started the renewal of a large portion of the company’s IT culture.
  • How these cultural changes are leading to greater synergies, efficiencies, improved relationships, and better quality of life

Live event date: Thursday, August 13, 2020 | 12 p.m ET
On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Abraham Snell

Abraham Snell

Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Abraham Snell, an Alabama native, is a technologist, communicator, and leadership coach.  Among Abraham’s experiences in technology are solutions architect, system engineer/administrator, programmer, product specialist, adjunct technology instructor, and technical people manager.  His over 23 years of experience in technology is gleaned from roles with Fortune 200 corporations, non-profit organizations, higher education, the military, and the federal government.  He currently serves as a Senior Solutions Architect with Red Hat. Abraham earned a BA in History, BS in Computer Science and Engineering, and an MBA in Technology Management all from Auburn University.