Data analytics using mobile, 3scale by Red Hat, and Radanalytics

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Businesses rely on data analysis and predictive modeling for data-driven decisions in many aspects of their system architecture and business development. However, data in a modern system is scattered across multiple components—from consumer-facing components all the way to backend cloud components.

In this presentation, we will demo and describe an integrated end-to-end bike rental system for data analysis and predictive modeling. Our demo will include a mobile application used to rent bikes, a 3scale by Red Hat gateway as a mobile and API endpoint, a Red Hat OpenShift instance with Radnalytics to perform the distributed data analysis functions, and a web portal with a visual integrated representation of data analysis and predictive modeling.

Our presentation will also include an introduction to 3scale by Red Hat data analysis tools on Red Hat OpenShift and machine-learning tools on Radnalytics.

Learn more: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com/

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