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Many organizations are looking to accelerate their automation use and work even more efficiently to stay competitive. Things like automating time-consuming tasks, being able to respond to changing IT conditions, and resolving issues faster has become critical. Event-Driven Ansible, which is part of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, empowers teams to automatically respond to events, fostering  agility, resilience, and innovation in their day to day work.

Event-Driven Ansible stands out as a highly scalable and secure solution, providing always-on automation designed to receive and act on events from third-party tools. With Event-Driven Ansible, users can craft their own rules-based workflows to automate decision-making processes, allowing teams to automate certain tasks . This level of automation maturity enables teams to seamlessly integrate event-driven actions into their existing automation strategies, advancing their capabilities and ensuring a more responsive IT environment.

As the demand for skilled professionals in IT automation continues to grow, Red Hat Training has designed a new course offering around event-driven automation. IT professionals and teams can now learn how to use this solution to accelerate their automation with a comprehensive 1-day course: Introduction to Event-Driven Ansible (DO274). DO274 is designed to equip IT professionals, including system administrators, DevOps engineers, Site Reliability (SRE) engineers, and network administrators, with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage Event-Driven Ansible effectively.

New Event-Driven Ansible course

The Introduction to Event-Driven Ansible (DO274) offers an in-depth exploration into the creation, deployment, and configuration of Event-Driven Ansible, enabling learners to automate responses to critical events across their IT infrastructure. They will learn to work with a variety of event sources, including sophisticated monitoring systems, versatile webhooks,and the powerful Apache Kafka to trigger automation that is essential for modern IT environments.

Throughout the course, participants will gain hands-on experience in writing and applying Ansible Rulebooks within the Event-Driven Ansible controller. These rulebooks are their blueprint for automating tasks; they dictate how Event-Driven Ansible should respond to different events, so that automation is both efficient and effective. By mastering the art of rulebooks, learners will come away with the toolset to guide their organizations toward a more automated, responsive and resilient IT infrastructure.

DO274 also delves into key Event-Driven Ansible use cases, providing real-world scenarios to illustrate how event-driven automation can be applied to solve common challenges in IT environments. These examples not only enrich learners' understanding of this new  capability,  but also inspire innovative solutions to the unique challenges their organizations may face. Ideal for system administrators, DevOps engineers, SRE roles, network administrators and other technical professionals tasked with ensuring rapid response to infrastructure or application events, DO274 serves as a gateway to implementing immediate issue remediation and resolution strategies through automation. 

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If you’re not sure where to begin on your Red Hat Training and Certification journey, take a look at the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform skills path. IT professionals with various levels of experience can get started training here and find out which courses and paths are best for their specific careers. Additionally, if you’re looking to implement Event-Driven Ansible into Ansible Automation Platform, check out our blog to see how Red Hat Consulting can help. If you’re interested in other products in our portfolio, check out the Red Hat Learning Subscription, which has a free 14-day trial so you can test out the Red Hat Training entire curriculum.

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Heather Sherwood is a Product Marketing Manager with Services Marketing. She focuses on how Red Hat Services can help customers adopt automation across their organization and provide meaningful business outcomes.

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