I just reviewed David Carr’s article on the top 50 open source tools for CIOs to consider. It provides another perspective on how CIOs should view open source and how the environment for open source solutions is changing rapidly.

The economic challenges faced by most organizations reinforce the need to invest in value-oriented, highly functional open source products. Carr notes that you may also have an opportunity to better manage the open source tools that are already in your enterprise.

The selections reinforce the reality that whether you are considering Linux as an operating system, web services and application stacks, end user tools, wikis and content management systems, databases, programming tools or other applications, there are great open source solutions available. Read the full article at 50 Top Open Source Resources CIOs Should Know (And Maybe Love).

We’re using many of these open source solutions to run our business at Red Hat. We’ve found them to be both flexible and cost effective. They enable us to achieve our goal of driving innovation in Red Hat’s business.

For some thoughts on appropriate open source solutions for your personal applications, see my post on Migrating Your Personal Application Portfolio.

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