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From June 13 to June 15, 2023, OpenInfra Summit heads to Vancouver, British Columbia where attendees from around the world will come together to collaborate and learn about the latest technologies in the OpenInfra community, including topics about AI, CI/CD, containers, edge computing, and many more. 

As a long-standing contributing member of the Foundation and Summit sponsor, Red Hat will be leading over 20 sessions, demos and a mentoring event. 

Red Hat principal software engineer, Matthew Booth, will join the OpenInfra Foundation and fellow community members on the keynote stage to share the latest about Linux OpenStack Kubernetes Infrastructure (LOKI) and share what’s possible when you pair Kubernetes with OpenStack. Witness firsthand a live demo of Kubernetes-on-OpenStack and how Kubernetes leverages OpenStack services. 

During the event you’ll want to make sure to walk through the exhibitor hall and check out the Red Hat booth to speak with our experts, see product demos and pick up some cool swag! You'll also find Red Hatters leading several other sessions through the conference on a variety of topics including specific OpenStack projects, OpenStack integrations with different technologies, partner solutions and much more. For a full list of general sessions featuring Red Hatters, head over to the OpenInfra Summit schedule.

OpenStack services coming to Red Hat OpenShift

In addition to these sessions, we will be hosting our own session on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. to share how OpenStack services have turned into OpenShift operators. Join Maria Bracho, Senior Manager Product Management, and Chris Jones, Software Engineering Manager, as they take a closer look at the future vision of Red Hat OpenStack Platform, integrated with Red Hat OpenShift, and learn how service providers will be able to more easily operate, scale, upgrade and manage their private clouds.

Speed mentoring breakfast hosted by Red Hat’s Global Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Office (GDEIO)

On Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Red Hat’s GDEIO will be hosting a speed mentoring event with pancakes and real maple syrup. Take the time to not only enjoy a hearty breakfast, but also share invaluable skills through interactive sessions with seasoned community leaders. Reserve your spot before it’s too late and sign up here.

Project Teams Gathering (PTG) at OpenInfra Summit

The PTG is where projects, SiGs, working groups and others come together to meet and plan the work for the current cycle and beyond, discuss issues and meet with other groups to align the work going forward. 

This is the first in-person PTG since 2019 and will take place on Wednesday and Thursday alongside the Summit.

Register now

Go to the OpenInfra Foundation’s page to register for your Summit pass and we look forward to seeing you at a session or in the Red Hat booth.

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