Reactive systems with Eclipse Vert.x and Red Hat OpenShift

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Hear from Clement Escoffier, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit to create reactive distributed and polyglot applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It takes the JVM to new levels of performance, yet has a small API. It lets you build scalable, microservice-based applications transparently distributed and packaged as a single jar file. This simplicity makes deploying and managing Vert.x applications on OpenShift a breeze. Upload your jar and Vert.x connects all your pods and services. That's not all, the application you're developing with Vert.x is "reactive": It's responsive, elastic, resilient, uses asynchronous message-passing saving resources, and handles a huge level of concurrency. How does that work on OpenShift?

In this session, you'll see how the combination of Vert.x and OpenShift paves a new way to build and manage reactive systems. You'll see several examples and a demonstration of how Vert.x simplifies not only development, but thanks to OpenShift, the deployment and management of your distributed system. Everything you need will be covered in this session: service discovery, resilience pattern, rolling updates, monitoring, and metrics. This is a "slide-less" session consisting of pure, live coding.

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