We are pleased to announce the continued evolution of Red Hat's training and certification programs in support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, which delivers Red Hat OpenStack technology optimized for and integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  This week we are announcing the expansion of our core system administration course on, Red Hat OpenStack Administration, from three days to four so we can drill deeper into this emerging technology.  We have re-titled the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Infrastructure-as-a-Service to Red Hat Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack.  We want to make sure IT professionals worldwide understand what we are certifying with this important new credential.  In coming months we plan to add to our OpenStack course and exam offerings.  If you are attending Red Hat Summit, please consider one of the training events we will be offering there.

One hears a lot these days about how OpenStack is the new Linux.  Looking back on our fifteen years of offering training and certification on Linux, I can see parallels.  Red Hat led the way in making the open source Linux operating system consumable in the enterprise and we are uniquely poised to do the same thing for cloud infrastructure and OpenStack.  Providing a strong global training program and certifications based on hands-on, performance-based testing can help enterprises worldwide move successfully to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and we intend to provide the same support to help enterprises move to Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

What seems different with OpenStack today versus Linux fifteen years ago is that we no longer need to convince people about the virtues of open source.  Where there was once caution and skepticism about open source in the enterprise, the fear, uncertainty and doubt of yesteryear seem almost quaint today.  Of course open source.  Of course OpenStack.  And, I would argue, of course Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform...and Red Hat Training and Certification to lead the way.

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