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The Red Hat Learning Subscription has facilitated the delivery of on-demand Red Hat Training courses to professionals across industries and the globe since 2016, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of the market. An all-new Premium tier of Red Hat Learning Subscription was announced recently which expands training modality options to accommodate a variety of learning styles by providing live virtual instruction, recorded video classrooms, or text-based courses. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the enhancements and flexible features you’ll find with the Premium tier.

Red Hat training equips you with skills to stay competitive

Adding the flexibility of being able to take courses live and virtually means professionals can continue the learning they need from the comfort of anywhere. All courses are developed by technical and experienced professionals who work on Red Hat software.

Changes in the economy and job market over the last year have highlighted the importance of remaining abreast of new technologies and industry trends to remain competitive. Thousands of IT professionals turn to Red Hat for help honing technical skills, and it pays off: A recent IDC study1 shows that Red Hat-trained IT staff see greater productivity, risk mitigation and a reduction in IT infrastructure costs. 

When it comes to team onboarding, job readiness increased by 76% when new team members completed Red Hat training prior to joining and more than half (55%) in cases where they were trained as part of the onboarding process. On the organizational level, Red Hat training courses provided an average three-year return on investment of 365%, and investments in Red Hat Certification paid off fourfold in the same amount of time. It’s clear that Red Hat Training courses help professionals and organizations stay competitive. 

With recent events preventing traditional classroom and in-person training, how can IT pros count on Red Hat to continue building the skills they need? 

Combine synchronous and asynchronous training 

Accommodate your busy schedule by mixing and matching training types. Synchronous training allows you to meet at a scheduled time with a live instructor, and learn alongside peers in a classroom-like environment. Live instruction with other learners can be engaging and interactive. Students can ask questions and get clarification when needed. The online format of these sessions increases flexibility and convenience—no travel costs, and learning can be more easily squeezed into everyday life. 

Asynchronous learning does not entail real-time interaction between learners and instructors. Content is available online for students to access anytime and anywhere. This includes on-demand video classes, course PDFs and text-based learning materials. Red Hat Learning Subscription offers full access to all asynchronous learning content spanning the entire Red Hat product and technologies portfolio. This type of learning lets you learn at your own pace.

“We received user feedback that being able to combine these methods of learning was important to our students. It would ensure they could create the best experience for them in the Red Hat Learning Subscription. Some content they may prefer to learn via live instruction and some they may feel comfortable learning on their own. It was a cross-functional and collaborative effort to introduce this feature and we’re very excited to be able to provide it. The Red Hat Training and Certification team works to continuously improve our offerings in order to keep up with market demands and users’ needs,” says Christopher Schunke, Product Manager of Red Hat Learning Subscription. 

Access the experts

Both Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium and Standard subscribers have the benefit of being able to chat directly with certified Red Hat experts, in order to get help with questions about course content. Even while working with Red Hat’s asynchronous training options, learners are not left entirely on their own. Red Hat experts are available with this special chat feature to assist students with tough course challenges they encounter. 

In addition to the expert chat option, those using the new Premium tier will also be able to interact with instructors during sessions, similar to a classroom experience. That engagement can round out the learning experience to ensure all questions are answered and material is understood. Students can also see other learners' questions be answered, which may improve their grasp of the materials. 

Fit learning into your schedule

The explosion of digital work processes has melted away geographical barriers and it can feel like work never stops. IT professionals have busier schedules than ever and more pressure than ever to keep systems running and secure. With those market forces in mind, Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium was developed to offer greater flexibility to schedule training. 

The session schedule is set up like a train schedule—consistent and reliable. Users can sign up for sessions and then have confidence that they will occur at the scheduled time, unlike a weekly training class that may get cancelled due to low turnout. 

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium also features modularized virtual sessions that are focused. They narrow on a specific topic and are shorter in duration than typical Red Hat Training courses (these usually run for days while Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium sessions will run for a few hours). The flexibility of these sessions lets students break learning into smaller blocks of time whereas taking several days off for a full training course might not be possible. 

Tap into the power of the community

Collaboration drives innovation. That’s why it is key to connect with other practitioners, as well as certified professionals, training instructors and subject matter experts. Join topic discussions, talk through ideas, answer questions (or have yours answered), and contribute to a community of people who are just as passionate about open source technology as you are. The Red Hat Learning Community is open to all and links Red Hat users and instructors from all around the globe. 

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium is launched in North America to individuals and enterprises looking to invest in their staff’s continuing education. Global rollout is expected in the coming months, and you can find the latest information about these efforts on the Red Hat Learning Subscription homepage.

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium combines on-demand and live virtual training to deliver best-in-class learning that fits the needs of all of our customers. With live, virtual classes, on-demand training, extra access to instructors, and additional resources to support learning, this tier will address skills gaps in the long term and equip you to solve business challenges faster.

1 IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Red Hat, The Business Value of Red Hat Training, IDC Doc # US46999720, December 2020.

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Karl Reynolds is the Senior Director of Red Hat Training and Certification, based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. In this role, he provides strategic direction and leads the sales and delivery of new Red Hat Training and Certification offerings globally.

Reynolds has nearly 25 years of training and technology experience. He has spent the last ten years serving Red Hat in varying director-level roles, and is a multi-time recipient of the Red Hat President’s Club Award.

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