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Securing your edge infrastructure

Edge security is becoming increasingly important as more organizations turn to edge computing to benefit from the flexibility of hybrid cloud computing and deliver faster, more reliable services at a lower cost.

When we surveyed IT decision makers in 2021 for our 2022 Global Tech Outlook report about what emerging technologies they were most likely to consider using in the next year, or are currently using, 28% said edge computing (up from 25% in 2020). Furthermore, a July 2022 report from 451 Research reveals that “large organizations will significantly expand edge computing infrastructure in two years.”1

In edge computing, an increase in data and processing outside the traditional datacenter creates potential risk to organizations. Reduced physical security, a limited compute footprint, lower cost expectations and remote management are often compounded by a lack of IT personnel. These issues combine to create relaxed standards for security and policy and expand the attack surface.

However, there are ways edge resources can improve security. For example, IDC says “63% of organizations report using edge resources to enhance cybersecurity through monitoring networks.” IDC also says “replicating data [using edge resources] across multiple locations” can “reduce [the] impact of ransomware attacks.”2

Red Hat provides trusted open source software that helps organizations implement a layered security approach across infrastructure, the application stack and the life cycle for better security on site, in cloud environments or at edge sites.

In this issue of Red Hat Shares, learn about security considerations for edge implementations, key edge security issues for CIOs, how Red Hat helped a customer reduce its edge deployment time while enhancing its infrastructure security and more. Plus, just for fun, we threw in a video from our “In the Clouds” series about how edge computing is being used to solve problems on the International Space Station.

5 security considerations for edge implementations

Learn about some of the primary security threats edge deployments face and how Red Hat technologies can help mitigate them.

Edge computing: 4 key security issues for CIOs to prioritize

The Enterprisers Project suggests considering the expert advice in this article to address security concerns before implementing an edge computing strategy.


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A deep dive on edge and security

Global analyst firm Futurum Research addresses common edge computing security challenges, Red Hat’s approach to security at the edge and more.

Boost security, flexibility, and scale at the edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Find out how Red Hat Enterprise Linux can help you extend your datacenter capabilities to the edge with confidence.


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Edge computing flexibility enables critical defense and security advantages

See how Red Hat helped Mamram―the Israel Defense Forces’ central computing system unit―reduce its edge deployment time from weeks to hours while enhancing its infrastructure security and compliance.

In the Clouds: Edge Computing in Space

In this episode of our video series, IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Space Tech Naeem Altaf explains how, together with NASA, cloud and edge computing services and technologies are being used to solve problems on the International Space Station.


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