Did you know that DevOps roles are some of the highest-paying in the tech industry?

DevOps positions earn the highest salaries, and according to Dice.com’s annual salary survey, released March 28, 2017, Ansible by Red Hat is the highest-paying among DevOps skills1. Earning on over about 10K more than the other DevOps skills, Ansible salaries were average at 121,382 USD a year.

What is Ansible?

IT organizations must become nimble and work together to stay relevant.  In a complex IT environment, even the smallest tasks can take forever. Sprawling systems are hard to develop, deploy, and maintain. Business demands only increase complexity, and IT teams struggle with management, availability, and cost. Enter Ansible.

Ansible is simple, agentless IT automation technology that can improve your current processes, migrate applications for better optimization, and provide a single language for DevOps practices across your organization.

How can I learn Ansible skills?

Have no fear, a skill bonus is near. Red Hat offers training and certification on Ansible. Learn to write and manage Ansible playbooks and automate system administration tools , then show you are proven and ready by earning the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation.


Automation with Ansible (DO407)

Automation with Ansible (DO407) is designed for system administrators who are intending to use Ansible for automation, configuration, and management. Learn how to install and configure Ansible, create and run playbooks to configure systems, and learn to manage inventories.


Automation with Ansible skills assessment

Test your skills and knowledge on automation and Ansible to check your skills, identify your strengths and areas for improvement, and receive a personalized training path recommendation based on your answers.


Red Hat Certificate of Expertise Ansible Automation exam (EX407)

Validate your ability to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications by taking our Ansible exam and earn the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation certification.


Ansible Essentials: Simplicity in Automation Free Technical Overview (DO007)

Not ready to take the full Ansible course yet? Learn the basics of Ansible automation and configuration management, and more with a series of on-demand, online videos that introduces you to Ansible automation and configuration management, and more.

  1. http://insights.dice.com/2017/04/10/which-devops-skills-pay-most/

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