Red Hat Business Automation primer: Vision and roadmap

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Business automation technology is rapidly emerging as a key to success in digital transformation projects. Businesses are recognizing the value of automating processes and decisions to improve the efficiency and agility of business operations, thereby improving competitiveness and the bottom line.

Red Hat Business Automation incorporates four critical technologies—business process management, business rules, complex event processing, and business resource planning—that let IT and business experts create modern, cloud-native business applications. In this session, we'll highlight the capabilities, vision, and roadmap for Red Hat Business Automation, including demonstrations of exciting new capabilities from version 7 and key features, including:

- New cloud-native business automation tools and services hosted on Red Hat OpenShift.

- New intuitive user experiences based on the PatternFly design model.

- Dynamic and ad-hoc process development for case management scenarios.

Learn more: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com/

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