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Red Hat Middle East & North Africa

Find local contacts, news, events, and more from the Red Hat team in the Middle East and North Africa.

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Red Hat is here to help

No one can prepare for everything, but we work hard to remain ready for anything. Helping communities and customers work together to solve shared problems is fundamental to our business. These current challenges are uncharted waters for everyone.

Our Red Hat team in the Middle East and North Africa is here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here for our customers 24/7

We have designed our systems and support to keep customers and partners supported, with security and stability during uncertain times.

MENA events

Join us for these events

Red Hat Forum 2020

Keep exploring what's next

Learn more about the latest in open source—and much more—at the Europe, Middle East & Africa Red Hat Forum on November 3, 2020.

Join our local Red Hatters for the virtual MENA breakout sessions starting at 13:00 GST to hear more from our regional customers and and to explore what’s next on your open source journey.

Past events & assets

Local news

Red Hat Names Paul Cormier President and Chief Executive Officer

Red Hat is synonymous with open source and hybrid cloud - two of the biggest driving forces in our industry. Paul’s deep engineering skills, product expertise and industry vision make him the right leader to capitalize on this opportunity and fuel Red Hat’s continued technology innovation and accelerated growth.​

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Technical Skills Assessments

Discover what training opportunities you may benefit from.


All courses & exams

Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat JBoss® Middleware, Red Hat OpenStack® Platform, and more.


Introductory courses at no cost

Get an overview of our main technologies through online,
on-demand videos.

Delivery methods

Whether in a live classroom setting or through self-paced, online training, you'll find a learning style for you.

Success story

We’ve seen our relationship with Red Hat mature from a supplier interaction to a close partnership. They understand where our business is going, and we want to continue to work with them to enhance our use of their products as we expand to public cloud and beyond.


Red Hat Academy

Educating the next generations of IT technologists

Red Hat ®️ Academy provides a curriculum to help education institutions keep pace with the demands of the industry. The curriculum involves hands-on instruction across platform, middleware, and cloud technologies built with input from Red Hat development, support, and field consulting teams. Red Hat’s curriculum is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the leading enterprise Linux platform. Rather than learning theoretical skills, students learn practical skills based on use cases from thousands of enterprise implementations.

At Red Hat, we believe that closing the technology skills gap is vitally important to the future of enterprise software—and the opportunity to do so should be available to all.

Interested in joining our team in the Middle East and North Africa?

Learn more about life at Red Hat and discover what opportunities are available.

Local contacts

Your team in the Middle East & North Africa

Contact us via mea@redhat.com or visit one of our offices.

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Red Hat FZ-LLC
Office Park Building, Block A, Office 406A
PO Box 502579,
Dubai, UAE

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00800 7334 2835

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Red Hat Saudi Arabia Ltd
Aban Center, Office 212, King Abdulaziz Road,
PO Box 7534,
Riyadh, KSA

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00800 7334 2835

About us

The world's leading provider of open source solutions

We are Red Hat. We've been here for more than 25 years, and we're here to help you face your business challenges head-on.

Red Hat started as an enterprise Linux® provider. Now, we're a full-stack enterprise open source software company. How did we do it? The answer lies in the way we work. We're an open organization, and while it's helped us grow to meet market demands, it's also something our customers notice and value.