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Welcome to Azure Red Hat OpenShift virtual experience!

Today's organizations prioritize security, growth and agility - this is all now a reality with Azure Red Hat OpenShift. It is a fully-managed, cost-effective, cloud-based service that allows you to focus on the things that matter.

If you missed our live virtual experience week in October 2021, you can now access the on demand content to learn more about Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Hear from our leadership about the future of OpenShift, listen to analysts discuss where the public cloud is heading, deep-dive with a demo, or learn the coolest pieces of developer tooling.
There is plenty to watch and learn whenever you want.

In this hub you will find a range of material to discover Azure Red Hat OpenShift and how to adopt cloud-native application development quickly and easily. Scroll to explore!

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Azure Red Hat OpenShift week

On demand videos

Business tracks

Hear about Azure Red Hat OpenShift use cases as well as the cloud native and Kubernetes latest trends.


Uses cases of Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Hear from the Microsoft leadership team about Azure Red Hat OpenShift learnings and best practices.

René Moddejongen, Director Open Source & Dev Audience, Microsoft Western Europe HQ
Roy de Milde, Cloud Native EMEA Blackbelt, Microsoft

The Total Economic Impact™ of Red Hat OpenShift

Listen to Forrester to learn more about the trends in public cloud container platforms and the kubernetes market today with an exclusive preview of their latest research Total Economic ImpactTM of OpenShift.

Lee Sustar, Principal analyst, Forrester
Julia Fadzeyeva, Senior consultant, Forrester

Building and managing containerized apps in the cloud

Why companies are moving to the cloud?  What business trends are driving these decisions? Meet Red Hat’s leadership team in an on demand session about the future of OpenShift. 

Chuck Svoboda, Senior Director of Managed Services, Red Hat
Brian Gracely, Senior Director of Product Strategy for Hybrid Cloud business, Red Hat

Make cloud your turf

The value-add of Azure Red Hat OpenShift: hear Accenture’s perspective on supporting customers who want to start their application modernization journey.

Guido Greber, EMEA Red Hat Business Group Lead, Accenture

Technical tracks

Learn about the Azure Red Hat OpenShift roadmap and upcoming enhancements as well as a deep dive demo and developer tools.


Sneak peek of upcoming Azure Red Hat OpenShift enhancements

What's new and what's coming to Azure Red Hat OpenShift. Learn more about how we plan to integrate and expand the depth and breadth of our OpenShift managed services in Microsoft Azure. 

Jerome Boutaud, Senior Principal Product Manager Azure Red Hat Openshift, Red Hat

Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Build, Deploy & Scale Apps with Confidence

Take a look at this on demand deep-dive demo on how to deploy and operate an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster, how to deploy, what commandos to use, how to leverage operators and scale on your terms.

James Read, EMEA Principal Solution Architect (Certified Cloud & Service Providers), Red Hat
Roy de Milde, Cloud Native EMEA Blackbelt, Microsoft

Developer tooling on Azure Red Hat OpenShift - Serverless, GitOps and Tekton

Build applications with speed, agility, confidence and choice. Stay ahead of the curve and explore this overview of some of the coolest pieces of OpenShift and Kubernetes tech aimed at making developer’s lives easier and more fun.

Ian Lawson, Domain Solution Architect, OpenShift Developer Evangelist, Red Hat

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Experience Azure Red Hat Openshift for yourself

Interact and have fun

Build + Scale = Growth

Power play with Red Hat and Microsoft on our specially designed game. Match tokens by color to power up your score.

Sub Hunt

In 1641, the Merchant Royal sank. It was carrying more than 100,000 pounds of gold and silver, and it’s location has never been known… until now. Get ready to hunt for the Merchant Royal!

Pod escape

Your project is being deleted- help a pod escape from a disappearing digital landscape. Built by Red Hatters passionate about Kubernetes.

Pity About Earth

Protect the planet from the dangers of space. Built with open source tools by Red Hatters Jared Sprague and Michael Clayton for Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Introduction to Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Getting started with Azure Red Hat OpenShift video

Discover how Red Hat and Microsoft's fully managed cloud-based OpenShift service on Azure allows you to rapidly adopt enterprise-grade Kubernetes-based application development and deployment.

Getting started with Azure Red Hat OpenShift e-book

Learn how to bolster application building and deployment capabilities with Azure and Red Hat OpenShift.

Achieve more for less with Azure Red Hat OpenShift

See how Red Hat and Microsoft eliminate the need to research, integrate, test, manage, and update underlying technologies yourself, saving you time and money.

8 reasons to adopt containers in the cloud checklist

Learn 8 benefits of adopting containers in the cloud with Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

9 reasons to trust Azure Red Hat OpenShift

With a jointly engineered and supported solution, Red Hat and Microsoft accelerate time to value and create a unified approach to development.

A managed cloud and container environment

Discover how Azure Red Hat OpenShift's managed container environment can reduce operational complexity and help you adopt Kubernetes-based apps.

Hands-on demo of Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Get a hands-on demonstration of Azure Red Hat OpenShift. A walk-through setting up your first cluster, adding and deleting clusters, and much more.

Red Hat Microsoft Azure Partnership Video

Learn how the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat gives more choice and flexibility for hybrid cloud deployments, with rigorous security, and integrated support.

Customer success stories


Learn how Alpega Group is improving sustainability in the transport industry with a container solution managed by Microsoft and Red Hat.


Discover how creating a container environment using Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift helped this logistics provider scale to meet a 45% increase in demand.


See how Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift is helping this Spanish insurance company save time and money.


Discover how running native applications in the cloud is powering energy sector transition.


Learn how CRV is using cloud technology to deliver better lives for farmers and cows.

Try out OpenShift

Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

Access Red Hat OpenShift without setup or configuration, and start developing quicker than ever before with our new sandbox environments.

DevNation Summer Camp

It’s time to go to DevNation Summer Camp where we will island hop and try out technologies that will advance your career.

Forrester scores Red Hat top for multicloud container platforms

Find out why Forrester gave Red Hat the top scores in all 3 multicloud container development platform categories as part of its latest 8-vendor evaluation.

Hybrid cloud and Kubernetes: A guide to successful architecture

Learn hybrid cloud best practices and how to gain value by transforming your applications, infrastructure, and people, process, and culture.

Containers and Kubernetes market dynamics report 2021

Read the CCS Insight 2021 report looking into current trends in the container market.

Build your skills with on - demand sessions

Kubernetes 101

Red Hat Training has developed an introductory course to help you understand how using a container-based architecture benefits developers and operators (DevOps).

In the Clouds | Stu Miniman

Join Stu Miniman, Director of Market Insights, Cloud Platforms at Red Hat for a discussion on the market landscape for Kubernetes, OpenShift, and hybrid cloud.

In the Clouds | The benefits of managed cloud services

Learn how managed cloud service offerings can help organizations reduce complexity and maximize IT investments, rather than getting bogged down on building out infrastructure.

In the Clouds | Sathish Balakrishnan, VP, Managed Services

Join Sathish Balakrishnan, VP, Managed Services, Red Hat to discover his view on managed cloud services.

The Power of Red Hat OpenShift

Learn how you can simplify cluster operations and focus on building, deploying and scaling apps with confidence.

Leverage OpenShift capabilities to be more successful and agile

OpenShift delivers the tools you need to easily start with innovation within your application platform. Discover how easy it is to deploy these tools and use them.

Migrating business critical workloads to a container platform

In this webinar, we share how VINCI Energies' cloud-native journey adds value to their business operations and discuss why VINCI migrated business critical workloads to a container platform.

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