Our excellent Training & Certification team has posted some videos in our RedHatCloud youtube channel that quickly go over the installation procedure of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 8, and how to boot a CloudForms instance to perform basic management functions. Kudos to our awesome video team (Jim Meegan and Ben Oliver) and to our curriculum architect (Forrest Taylor).

These videos were first developed as guided demonstrations for use in our Red Hat OpenStack Administration II (CL210) and Red Hat CloudForms Hybrid Cloud Management (CL220) courses. Now they are available for you to view for free. Remember that we also offer a free introductory course, the CL010 Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview, to get a taste of our courses.

Phase I: Deploying the undercloud


Phase II: Deploying the Overcloud


Phase III: Verifying the Overcloud


Phase IV: Deploying CloudForms on OpenStack


Phase V: Using CloudForms as the operator admin, to scale up your infrastructure automatically according to capacity and utilization metrics


Phase VI: Using CloudForms as a tenant, to consume resources (boot an instance, connect via VNC) using the user portal and leverage the centralized service catalog


We hope you liked this introduction. Remember, if you want to try the latest Red Hat OpenStack Platform, you can get a free 60-day evaluation for your on-premise deployment, learn the basics of OpenStack with TryStack (built from upstream RDO project) or go with one of our many certified partners and get your own Hosted Private Cloud hosted, like the Rackspace Private Cloud, Powered by Red Hat.

For more information about Red Hat OpenStack Platform, visit our product page