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The power of working together

Collaboration over cliques

Good things happen when people come together to create something new and everyone has a chance to participate. Discoveries are made. Obstacles are overcome. Fresh ideas emerge.

Working together expands potential and sparks new possibilities. And the broader the participation, the greater the yield.

Creative collaboration is the best way to make meaningful, enduring progress — and to forge lasting bonds.


How CO.LAB works

Learn. Create. Share.

CO.LAB teaches students how to work together to solve problems, share new ideas, and to create collaboratively out of a shared experience.

The curriculum leads participants through encountering a poem, building and coding their own Raspberry Pi digital cameras, then using the cameras to create a visual interpretation to be shared with their communities.

It’s a combination of poetry, photography, circuit boards, and open source programming languages. CO.LAB is technology, emotion, and art working together.

What did we learn?

The future is collaborative

Collaboration is an important life skill, but it’s bigger than completing tasks more efficiently or being ready for a job.

At its heart, collaboration is an expression of generosity and kindness. It is the redeeming quality of human nature. When we share knowledge, when we help others discover something new, and when we join forces for a common good, we are growing as people.

Collaboration doesn’t just make work easier, it feeds our spirit and builds character.


Red Hat and open source in action

CO.LAB introduces middle school girls to the principles of open source — and to a world of technology and collaboration that they may not have otherwise considered.

Collaboration is a powerful driver of innovation and discovery, and open source methodology is a key part of STEAM education. So we’re hoping to empower young girls with collaborative skills that will help them succeed in their pursuit of science, technology, engineering and math careers.

CO.LAB is just one of the ways Red Hat demonstrates the transformative power of people working together.

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