OpenStack engineering roadmap - 2015 Red Hat Summit

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Hugh Brock — Red Hat
Tim Burke — VP Cloud And Linux Engineering, Red Hat
Perry Myers — Red Hat

Join the lead engineering managers of Red Hat’s OpenStack development team for an overview of the recent technology advancement. We will start with highlights of successful deployment examples, and description of some of the major driving verticals and use cases that are shaping the focus in development. Next will be a description of how Red Hat is productizing OpenStack and how it fits with other components addressing deployment challenges.

After this introduction, we will overview the main feature enhancements in the most recent release Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6, and highlights of what is well along in Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 7 release, plus glimpses into longer-range focused enhancement areas. One of the key themes of the presentation is to show the usability enhancements targeting easier deployment. This session is a great opportunity to engage directly with the lead development managers for an inside view on OpenStack direction.
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