We say this a lot at Red Hat: no single technology vendor holds the key to success, and that includes us. 

In our new podcast — Code Comments — we are talking to seasoned technologists at Red Hat partner organizations about pivotal moments they have experienced in technical projects. 

Each episode dives into stories, challenges and lessons learned that our guests have encountered in their careers. The Red Hat partner ecosystem represents a diverse and robust group of leading technology vendors, solution providers, integrators and more, all with a unique view on the IT landscape, trends and what the future holds for the industry at large. Like Red Hat, our partners have lived through it all firsthand and there’s still so much to learn from each other. 

Hosted by Burr Sutter — longtime Red Hatter, developer advocate, community organizer, and technologist — the Code Comments series touches on everything from the evolution of AI/ML to deep learning, the impact of 5G on telecommunications, the value of open source culture on technology innovation and much more. 

In the latest episode of Code Comments, Burr catches up with Sandeep Sharma, Vice President of Tech Mahindra, about his perspective on the telecommunications industry and how it has evolved over the years. It all started with 2G, groundbreaking at the time in reimagining the capabilities of wireless networks (remember when phones were the size of a shoebox?). Today, wireless vendors, network operators and service providers are faced with a new age of 5G, radio access networking (RAN) and edge computing. Sharma has witnessed this change firsthand and shares his insights on the more nuanced elements of unseen network infrastructure, the impact on operators and ultimately end users.

In case you missed it, the inaugural episode of Code Comments featured Ryan Loney, Product Manager of OpenVINO Developer Tools at Intel, unpacking the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML). While AI/ML has proved invaluable in creating enterprise-grade applications, it comes with unique challenges when grappling with complex and expansive datasets running on accessible hardware. Loney explains the origin behind Intel’s OpenVINO project and his experience in building a solution to overcome these challenges for a wide variety of AI/ML use cases. 

What’s next? This is only the beginning. Follow the Code Comments podcast on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to podcasts, and catch the next episode on November 29.

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