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Red Hat is thrilled to announce it has partnered with Pluralsight to deliver Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform training to the developer community. Pluralsight is a skills platform that evaluates the technical abilities of teams through assessments, aligns learning to key business objectives using learning paths and closes skills gaps in critical modern roles with courses authored by industry experts. In partnering with Pluralsight, Red Hat is focused on continuing to broaden the community of skilled Red Hat professionals by bringing enablement on key Red hat technologies to new audiences of learners. 

As part of this announcement, we are also announcing our first courses to be made available via Pluralsight: Ansible on Windows Fundamentals, Ansible Fundamentals, Automating Deployment in Amazon EC2 with Ansible, Managing Ansible with Red Hat Ansible Tower, Testing and Debugging Ansible Automation, and Automating Container Management with Ansible.

These courses will teach students with basic Linux system administration skills to use core features of Ansible to automate management tasks and allow the learner to write automation tasks as easy-to-read code that can specify the desired state of the systems in a datacenter. Additionally, they will learn how to prepare Linux-based systems for Ansible management, and use fundamental features of Ansible to write and run automation tasks in a repeatable and scalable manner. These courses, along with additional Red Hat training, will prepare learners to pursue a coveted Red Hat Certification. 

Generic courses written by third parties by contrast often fail to incorporate real-world scenarios and use-cases that make Red Hat content particularly valuable. Therefore, the partnership with Pluralsight ensures Red Hat approved training for students looking to acquire skills that make them “job-ready”. 

At Red Hat, we believe that closing the technology skills gap today is vitally important to the future of enterprise software. By releasing these courses through Pluralsight, we are pleased to build these skills in a way that helps to underscore the importance of open source.

Sign up here for Ansible Fundamentals or visit our Training and Certifications page to learn more about courses, certifications, and our commitment to educating this generation of open-source software developers.

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