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Red Hat Summit 2022 dates have been announced (spoiler alert, it’s happening on May 10-11, 2022), and while registration isn’t open quite yet, stay tuned for news about that coming very soon.

In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the Red Hat Summit 2021 goodies that are available on demand, although only for a limited time. Last year’s content is only available for a few more weeks so if you want to check it out, you should do so soon.

Red Hat Summit 2021 sessions catalog

The full Red Hat Summit 2021 catalog contains over 275 sessions that are available on demand. Helpfully, these have also been organized into six different channels so it’s easier for you to find the stuff you’re really interested in.

Here’s what each of those channels has to offer.

IT automation and management

The IT automation and management channel will help you uncover the value that IT automation and management tools and processes can provide in impacting scale, growth, and transformation across your organization.

The 24 sessions in this channel include:

See the full list of IT automation and management sessions here.

Cloud-native development

In the cloud-native development track, you’ll learn how to deliver innovative applications more quickly through a variety of sessions. Red Hat and other industry experts explore ways to improve software application development, integration, delivery, and management—on any cloud, in the datacenter, or at the edge.

Presentations include:

You can find a full list of all 26 cloud-native development sessions here.

Hybrid cloud infrastructure

In the hybrid cloud infrastructure sessions, you’ll learn how you can use enterprise-wide, open source software solutions to build a stronger IT infrastructure and deploy to any environment, including bare-metal, virtualization, and cloud-based systems.

Some examples of the 54 sessions in this channel include:

The complete list of hybrid cloud infrastructure sessions is available here.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a new or novel concept, with most organizations and industries well into the transformational process. The sessions in this channel discuss how to gain a competitive advantage and successfully transform your company with key processes that can help you continually experiment, learn and adapt your organization’s technologies, processes and culture.

There are 25 sessions in the 2021 digital transformation channel, including:

A full list of digital transformation sessions is available here.

Developers (Developers! Developers!)

The developers channel includes breakout and Ask the Expert sessions featuring cloud-native development technologies, architectures and processes including rapid coding, CI/CD, containerized solutions, Kubernetes, and more.

Some of the 21 developers sessions from the Red Hat Summit 2021 include:

If you’d like to see the full list of developer-focused sessions from last year, you can find them all here.

Future technologies

Finally, we have the future technologies channel. Here, Red Hat customers and partners take a look at some of the (then) pre-product open source technologies and services that will have a hand in shaping the future of enterprise software and hardware.

The 14 future technologies sessions include:

You can find these sessions and more in the Future Technologies channel here.

All of that and more

And if that’s not enough, Red Hat Summit 2021 featured some other great content. Among other things, you can check out videos for Open Source Stories: Cracking the Textbook, an hour of Red Hat partner spotlights, and the Red Hat Innovation Awards 2021 winners, including last year’s Red Hat Innovator of the Year, Medifé.

But remember, this content is only going to be available on demand a little longer. Be sure to visit the Red Hat Summit 2021 homepage and take advantage of it before then.

We’re all really excited that Red Hat Summit 2022 registration will be opening soon, and we’ll share further Red Hat Summit news and announcements with you as they happen.


Deb Richardson joined Red Hat in 2021 and is a Senior Content Strategist, primarily working on the Red Hat Blog.

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