Common Connections

Creating the Classroom

Common Connections

Traditional educational approaches aren’t enough to shape the makers and thinkers of tomorrow. For Charlie Reisinger and Melanie Shimano’s students, open source shows the real-world potential of classroom ideas. See why in this conversation.

Melanie Shimano

Melanie Shimano

Food Computer Program

Melanie is an engineer, data scientist, and open source enthusiast who has helped bring food and agriculture to life for students in Baltimore. Cultivating Change shows how her Food Computer Program empowered high school students at Green Street Academy to use open source tools to grow their own vegetables.

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Build your own indoor farm

Charlie Reisinger

Charlie Reisinger

Director of Technology
Penn Manor School District

Charlie is a champion of open source in education. He launched Pennsylvania’s largest classroom desktop Linux® program and has written extensively about how schools can use open source to empower students. In Penn Manor: The Power of Open in Education, we spotlighted the student-powered IT help desk Charlie created at his school.

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Una community globale di volontari che progettano, producono e distribuiscono gratuitamente protesi stampate in 3D open source.

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Starting Small

Incontra i produttori, gli studenti e gli artigiani che in Cile hanno applicato l'approccio open source ai dati nella vita di tutti i giorni.

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Collective discovery

Scopri come, grazie agli hardware open source, i cittadini possono contribuire a scoperte scientifiche rivoluzionarie.

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