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Lightspeed Automation with Generative AI

AI is rewriting the rules of IT automation. But can we rely AI to deliver results consistently and effectively? Hear from IBM’s Ruchir Puri in this clip and then watch the episode to learn more.

Technically Speaking with Chris Wright

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What's next for enterprise IT? No one has all the answers—not even Red Hat CTO Chris Wright. But he does know the tech experts and industry leaders who are working on them. In each episode, they discuss what's on the horizon for trends like AI/ML, edge, 5G, DevOps, and more.

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A new software supply chain security recipe

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Chris Wright

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Chris Wright pays close attention to emerging technologies. As CTO and Senior VP of Global Engineering at Red Hat, that’s pretty much his job—and during his 25+ years as a software engineer, he’s developed a keen eye for trends and projects that matter.


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