A container stack for OpenStack

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OpenStack is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that provides a powerful abstraction layer for interacting with your datacenter infrastructure, supported by a wide array of pluggable drivers for existing physical and virtual infrastructure investments. In this session, you'll learn how OpenStack is evolving to integrate with the Linux, Docker, Kubernetes stack to provide the ideal infrastructure platform for modern containerized applications.
You'll learn how you can modernize application delivery using the Linux, Docker, Kubernetes stack provided by Red Hat® Enterprise Linux Atomic Host and OpenShift Container Platform while seamlessly using the authentication, network, and storage infrastructure services provided by an underlying OpenStack cloud. We'll also discuss the ways that the Linux, Docker, Kubernetes stack is improving the deployment and management of the life cycle of the underlying infrastructure platforms themselves including OpenStack and Ceph.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/en/insights/containers

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