Migrating to JBoss and OpenShift: A case study of a large e-commerce application

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Migrating 4 million lines of JEE code from an application server running on Windows to Red Hat® JBoss running in Docker on OpenShift? A piece of cake. The Amadeus IT Group operates large JEE applications powering a number of major airline e-commerce sites. A particular 4-million-lines-of-code application ran on Windows until in a recent collaboration with Red Hat, we built a new platform based on Red Hat Openshift, Kubernetes, and Docker. Now we've decided to move our e-commerce application to the new platform as well, and at the same time, change our application server.

In this session, you'll learn:

-What it means to move existing JEE application to Red Hat JBoss Middleware
-What it means to run it in Docker on Red Hat OpenShift
-How much this improves developer and operations experience

Learn more: https://www.openshift.com/

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