From monolith to containers: How Verizon containerized legacy applications on OpenShift

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Zohaib Hhan, Practice Lead, Application Modernization & Migration, Red Hat and Malik Sayed, Sr. Manager, Digital Architecture, Verizon speak in this breakout session at the Red Hat Summit 2017.

Enterprises generally have a significant portfolio of legacy applications running in production. Applications that have been developed 10, 15 years ago, or more. These applications stand in the critical path of revenue generation. It's not easy to just rip them out and replace them all with applications built on modern architectures, such as microservices and containers. Businesses can't afford downtime and certainly aren't willing to pay for something they can't see. We need the ability to modernize legacy applications while allowing IT to continue to deliver value—innovating from inside out. Verizon evaluated Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to modernize their application portfolio. In this session, we'll present Verizon’s journey to containerize one of their most challenging applications. We'll show the results of a 2-month long proof-of-concept, including successes, misses, and a roadmap for application modernization. You'll learn about the journey, the pitfalls, and the lessons learned of modernizing complete application portfolios.

Learn more: https://www.redhat.com/en/summit/2017/agenda/sessions

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