Automated legacy app containerization with Red Hat OpenShift & Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit

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Writing new cloud-native applications from scratch is cool, but what do we do with a large number of legacy applications already running in production? There is no magic OFF button for them. And yet, we need a reliable way to turn them into cloud-native apps without rewriting them from scratch. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could tell Red Hat OpenShift to just “figure it out?" Well, we sorta can.

In this session Zohaib Khan and Marc Zottner of Red Hat will:
- Introduce application on-boarding wizard on Red Hat OpenShift using Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit.
- Demonstrate the power of end-to-end automated pipelines with CI/CD in Red Hat OpenShift to analyze, containerize, deploy, and run Java-based legacy applications.
- Generate containerizing strategies for various types of applications using Red Hat OpenShift S2I.
- Wrap a few different types of applications to containers and deploy and run them on Red Hat OpenShift.
- Look at application portfolio-level strategies and demystify application modernization.

Learn more: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com

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