Functions-as-a-Service with OpenWhisk and Red Hat OpenShift

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With the emergence of hosted platforms like AWS Lambda, Functions-as-a-Service (aka serverless) enables developers to focus more on building applications than managing infrastructure. With OpenWhisk, an Apache Incubator project, developers can create and deploy their own serverless/FaaS platform anywhere they want—either self-hosted or on a cloud provider.

Develop your functions with your language of choice. Out of the box, OpenWhisk has rich support for Node.js, Swift, Python, PHP, and Java (and other JVM languages). If those languages don't suit your needs, you can deploy your own Docker container to act as your function. Because containers only spin up for a function when in use, resource usage can be minimized during idle times. Your functions are triggered by events from feeds created with third-party service integrations.

In this session, we'll explore and demonstrate the fundamentals of OpenWhisk and demonstrate setting up and running it on Red Hat OpenShift. We will also show integrations with various services, including KeyCloak, EnMasse, and iPaaS, among others.

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