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Just as no two businesses are exactly the same, every IT environment is different. As modern applications and services' performance and resource demands grow, IT organizations must be able to customize their entire infrastructure stack efficiently—from hardware to software to cloud services. Whether you’re scaling up to accommodate larger workloads or quickly integrating new solutions, you need the ability to choose from a broad selection of technologies that can best support your specific, modern, agile infrastructure strategies. As datacenter energy efficiency and price performance become increasingly important, new hardware and software technologies give you options to tailor your IT environment to meet the needs of your business-critical workloads.

Run critical applications on Arm processors

As the foundation of many of these new technologies, Arm processors balance energy efficiency, performance and cost for various applications—from web and media services to high-performance computing and telecommunications. Commonly found in edge compute devices like smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, Arm processors are increasingly popular options in datacenter and high-performance server environments. Arm-based instances are now available in every major cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS)Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Arm processors offer new opportunities to improve your datacenter infrastructure's energy efficiency and price performance. For example, Arm Neoverse processors perform up to 3.5x more work per watt than traditional processors, reducing the carbon footprint and operating cost of applications. Additionally, many organizations that switch to Arm-based cloud resources experience up to 40% improvement in price performance for their applications. And because many hardware providers use intellectual property from Arm to build and tailor new, innovative processors to specific workload requirements, you can deliver specialized performance profiles for critical workloads and optimize overall resource use. Please click here to access a comprehensive list of Red Hat vendors offering certified ARM hardware support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Deploy a trusted software foundation

Hardware technologies alone cannot address the challenges of deploying and managing modern applications. A reliable, scalable, security-focused software foundation can help you maximize workload performance and increase stability for superior user experiences. As a fundamental layer in your software stack, your operating system supports interactions between hardware and applications and provides essential services and resources. Through virtualization technologies, operating systems optimize resource use, isolate workloads and increase scalability across environments. When deployed consistently across IT footprints, operating systems provide a unified foundation that lets you standardize and streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve security.

As part of the complete Red Hat Enterprise Linux  (RHEL) platform portfolio, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM brings enterprise operating system features to Arm-based infrastructure. With a consistent operating system across your entire environment—including your Arm-based- and x86-based servers—you can choose the most effective and efficient hardware for each of your workloads and manage everything through a single, standardized toolset. A reliable, stable set of operating system images, toolchains, libraries, container tools and runtimes helps streamline the deployment of critical applications and services. Live kernel patching, built-in security profiles, security standards certification and a trusted software supply chain help mitigate risk, automate security and maintain compliance. Comprehensive performance monitoring, tracing, and analysis tools help you detect anomalies, analyze system performance and apply best practices to better optimize your infrastructure.

Partner with industry leaders

Red Hat and Arm work together to create modern platforms that deliver more value for your organization. Our jointly engineered solutions enable you to develop and deploy modern applications on a flexible, stable and reliable foundation across hybrid and multicloud environments. RHEL for ARM delivers a consistent, tailored experience for running and managing workloads on your Arm-based servers—including physical and virtualized infrastructure. Our innovative, energy-efficient hardware and software solutions help organizations meet their environmental and sustainability goals worldwide.

Learn more and get started today

RHEL for ARM allows you to deploy critical business applications on the processor architecture that meets your workload requirements. Take advantage of reduced power consumption and operating costs. Improve uptime and performance for key services and maintain a consistent, efficient software foundation across your entire IT environment.

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Gil Cattelain is Principal Product Marketing Manager for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Cattelain has more than 20 years’ experience as a leader in high-tech software product marketing with a proven track record of managing major product releases and go-to-market strategies. Prior to Red Hat, Cattelain held product marketing leadership roles at Micro Focus, Novell, and Genesys, focusing on the endpoint management and DevOps/agile solutions, including digital marketing for the contact center market.

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