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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server?

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® Server is the most popular variant of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is the operating system: incredibly simple to control, easy to administer, and can be deployed on physical hardware systems, on virtual machines, or in the cloud—wherever it’s needed. It serves as a foundation in IT infrastructure supporting all major hardware platforms (x86, ARM, POWER and Z) and thousands of commercial and custom applications.

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Lack of standardization increases complexity in an environment. Increased complexity often means decreased productivity. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server standardizes development and deployment with repeatable, flexible, scalable, and automated images, patch-management, and backup processes. It also has built-in manageability and integration with broader Red Hat management and automation solutions that can help you optimize IT staff workloads, increasing efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server standardizes your operating platform, allowing you to build the infrastructure of your choice to expand as you see fit.  It’s the base from which your enterprise can grow and expand, whether that’s bare-metal or into the cloud—opting into containers or virtual machines, incorporating automation, virtualization, Kubernetes, or whatever else you need when you need it, without anything you don’t.


Easier migration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server provides a seamless, non-disruptive path for existing deployments to the most current version of the OS available, quickly and reliably. Also, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server powers the entire Red Hat hybrid cloud portfolio, providing everything you need to deploy new tools and technologies—like containers—more securely and at scale.


Onboard Linux users more quickly

Enhanced usability and intuitive deployment and management interfaces make Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server easy to adopt for Linux beginners and Windows users alike.


Overcome vulnerabilities

Access to the latest open source tools and frameworks is more secure with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server’s security-focused features across multiple environments.


Deploy securely

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server powers the entire Red Hat hybrid cloud portfolio, providing everything you need to deploy new tools and technologies—like containers—more securely and at scale.


Subscriber access

Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers have access to all Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions so you can choose the most suitable version for your deployment without the unnecessary risk of untested, uncertified solutions

Red Hat Insights

Red Hat Insights technology—included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server—provides proactive solutions and suggestions for your deployment environments, helping you avoid vulnerabilities, automate repetitive tasks, resolve issues, and assess security risks.

More features and benefits


Latest innovations

Access to the latest Linux innovations developed by Red Hat and the open source community. It supports Intel/AMD (x86_64), IBM  Systems (s390x), IBM Power, and ARM architectures, as well as all the leading workloads and apps like Oracle Database, SAP HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Tools you want

Gives developers access to current versions of mainstream development tools, including popular open source languages and language frameworks, databases, and other tools, through a subscription.


Grow at your own speed

Gain access to innovative new technologies, as you want them, building your infrastructure out as needed.


Streamlined deployment

Deploy only the packages you need to support your workloads and deployment operations, automating regulatory compliance, and reducing complex operational tasks from hours to minutes.


Reliable provisioning

Consistent and repeatable provisioning and deployment across footprints.


Hassle-free maintenance

Planning and executing IT maintenance and app refreshes with confidence.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server?

To deploy in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, you need a comprehensive and scalable operating system. Use a common OS that provides consistency across on-premise, cloud, and edge environments to stay in control of infrastructure complexity and optimize operations at scale. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server provides what you need to help create the infrastructure you want. And with thousands of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server offers a consistent foundation across hybrid environments, supporting virtually any workload and providing the tools needed to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription offerings

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified on hundreds of clouds and with thousands of hardware and software vendors, and it can be purchased to support specific use cases like edge computing or SAP workloads.

Read the subscription guide for more details on selecting the subscriptions that best meet your technical and business requirements.

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