Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud

Wherever your cloud journey takes you, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is there.

The world’s leading enterprise Linux distribution is certified on hundreds of public clouds, delivering security, reliability, and consistency inside and outside the datacenter. Standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud provides flexibility for your business, meeting your current needs while preparing you for whatever challenges the future brings.

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Not all Linux distributions are the same. Learn 5 reasons why choosing the right operating system in the cloud is essential.

Why choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud?


Quickly scale your capacity up and down as needed to save on infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Receive critical security features like live kernel patching as part of a 10-year product lifecycle. Detect and remediate emerging threats with Red Hat Insights and Red Hat Satellite. It all works seamlessly across hyperscalers.


Access first-line support from your cloud provider and benefit from Red Hat’s award-winning support team for higher priority issues, all with 24/7 access to self-service help through our knowledgebase.


Minimize staff retraining time with the same management tools on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment.


Developers gain access to tested and reliable OS images, along with the toolchains, libraries, container tools, and runtimes that ease friction on the way to production.

Focus on business goals in the cloud

Read what top analysts are saying about Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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The Business Value of Red Hat Solutions Versus Non-Paid Open Source Alternatives

Red Hat customers will achieve benefits worth an annual average of $9.38 million per organization, according to analyst firm IDC.


Why Enterprise Linux Is Becoming More Relevant for Hybrid Cloud


5 reasons to choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux as your Linux solution

Red Hat Enterprise Linux by the numbers


Faster security updates1


Less unplanned downtime1


3-year return on investment1

How to get Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud

Purchase from a cloud marketplace

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS

Combine Red Hat Enterprise Linux with globally available, resizable, and on-demand cloud computing capacity from Amazon Web Services.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Azure

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Azure, you can quickly deploy a more secure, reliable, and flexible hybrid cloud environment.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the secure foundation for business operations on Google Cloud, certified to handle diverse workloads across hybrid environments.

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Use your spend commitments

Make the most of your Red Hat investment

Red Hat’s Hybrid Committed Spend (HCS) program offers discounts on Red Hat products across multiple cloud providers and in your data center. Many cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, have their own committed spend programs you can participate in simultaneously, drawing against both commitments to further reduce your costs. Talk to a Red Hat sales representative about how to maximize your value. 

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Move an existing Red Hat subscription

Portability for your Red Hat subscriptions

Move an existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription to the cloud without changing your access to support, your current IT investment, or your subscription terms.

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Migrate from CentOS Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud

Developer Subscription for Teams

For qualifying organizations that choose to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their production environment, this subscription provides access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their development teams at no extra cost, allowing organizations to build and test applications on the same innovative and reliable platform used for production workloads.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration

This new offering makes Red Hat Enterprise Linux more accessible to CentOS Linux users with a competitively priced subscription, a simplified conversion process, and up to 4 years of security patches and updates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 after you convert, helping you maintain consistency in your environment until you’re ready to upgrade to a newer version.

Supporting database workloads anywhere

SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is Microsoft’s reference platform for SQL Server on Linux. It provides a scalable foundation and a consistent application experience across bare-metal, virtual machine, container, and hybrid cloud environments.

Organizations currently running SQL Server on CentOS Linux can take advantage of a limited-time offer on a 1-year subscription.

SAP Solutions in the Cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions is certified and co-engineered with SAP to deliver speed and continuous availability in the cloud, paving the way for your organization’s required move to SAP/S4 HANA by 2027. 

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