Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud

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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud?

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is the secure foundation for business operations on Google Cloud. The world’s leading enterprise Linux distribution is certified to handle diverse workloads across your hybrid environment, giving you the flexibility you need to respond quickly to evolving market demands.

Why choose Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Google Cloud?

Security and visibility

Innovation requires a secure environment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud offers multilayer breach defense and automated security controls, alongside continuous vulnerability alerts with Red Hat Insights. 

Compute power for SAP workloads

Deploy and manage your ERP applications and databases on SAP-certified Google Cloud instances. With Google Cloud Compute Engine, SAP workloads are optimized to scale on demand and deliver faster queries and analytics with Red Hat Enterprise Linux tools.

Certified compatibility

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is certified to work seamlessly on Google Cloud, with a consistent management experience across your entire hybrid cloud footprint, backed by support from Red Hat and Google. 

Boost hybrid cloud security and consistency with Red Hat on Google Cloud

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud

Features and benefits

Security and compliance

Google Cloud Platform builds progressive layers of security into its infrastructure technology stack, and offers full visibility into how information is used and who can see it. You’ll also have access to a suite of controls to help achieve consistent compliance across all cloud regions. Red Hat Enterprise Linux helps you reduce the risk of intrusions with role-based authentication and authorization controls, regular updates, and security patches.

Simplified management

Use a consistent set of tools across your datacenter and cloud environments, reducing the need for additional IT training and streamlining your administrative processes across your entire footprint.

Flexibility and portability

Red Hat Enterprise Linux works natively with open source container tools PodmanBuildah, and Skopeo, letting you easily spin up containers, manage deployment, and speed development of new applications in the cloud. You can also place workloads and data where it makes sense for you, easily porting an existing on-premise Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription to Google Cloud via Red Hat Cloud Access.


Extend the capabilities of the OS with Red Hat’s broad portfolio of solutions. The Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog contains hundreds of partner technologies to help you address any business need. 


Red Hat works directly with Google Cloud to offer highly responsive, award-winning support tailored to your organization’s needs.


Red Hat Insights is included in your Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud subscription. This powerful utility continuously analyzes platforms and applications, giving you persistent, system-level visibility and helping you identify, prioritize, and resolve risks before they affect operations.


In-place upgrades for Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud are supported for on-demand, pay-as-you-go instances on major cloud providers.

Red Hat is proud to be a 2023 Google Cloud Partner of the Year

How to get Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud

Purchase from Google Cloud Marketplace

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available in a pay-as-you-go offering directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace, where you can review pricing details to estimate your infrastructure costs, and start a free trial to get a closer view of the deployment process. Google Cloud offers committed use discounts (CUDs) in one- and three- year terms for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP, giving you access to significant savings for predictable workloads.

Use your Red Hat Hybrid Committed Spend

Red Hat’s Hybrid Committed Spend (HCS) program offers discounts on Red Hat products, including those running on hybrid cloud platforms like Google Cloud. If you’re using Red Hat technologies on-premise or in other clouds, you can dedicate some of your committed spend to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud as well. You can also participate in Red Hat’s program and Google Cloud’s CUD at the same time, drawing against both commitments with the same technologies, further reducing your costs. 

Move an existing Red Hat subscription

Move your existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription to Google Cloud with Red Hat Cloud Access. Deploy custom or Red Hat-certified gold images from the command line, giving you true portability without changing your support access, your current IT investment, or your subscription terms.

Private offer pricing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Google Cloud

Migrate from CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux 7 reaches end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. If you’re seeking a safe, reliable replacement that requires minimal staff retraining, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a straightforward migration path on premise or in the cloud. Visit our CentOS migration page to learn about the benefits of standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including lower total cost of ownership, long-term lifecycle support, and special pricing for those making the switch. 


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