Experience the AI-ready OS with image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Image mode for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is a new deployment method that harnesses the power of containers to bring all aspects of IT management into a single workflow.

It’s portable, scalable, and AI-ready Linux at your fingertips, now available as a technology preview. 

What is image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Image mode is a new approach to operating system (OS) deployment that lets users build, deploy, and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux as a bootc container image. 

It reduces complexity across the enterprise by letting development, operations, and solution providers use the same container-native tools and techniques to manage everything from applications to the underlying OS. 

Benefits of image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux


A unified approach for DevOps

Linux already sits at the core of containers. Image mode takes Linux’s role a step further, letting you manage the entire OS through container-based tooling and concepts, including GitOps and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD). This streamlined approach helps address the challenges of managing Linux at scale, whether you're pushing patches to different locations or bridging gaps between the operations team and the application development cycle.


Simplified security

Streamline at-scale Linux management with container security tools to address patching, scanning, validation, and signing. Users can also view and update image mode deployments directly from Red Hat Insights.


Faster innovation

Across industries, organizations are planning for a future incorporating—or entirely structured around—AI workloads. Image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux supports these innovations through its flexibility and tight integration with Podman AI Lab, allowing developers to quickly build intelligent applications on the proven, trusted, and consistent backbone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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