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IT teams need an environment that supports a flexible, adaptable, resilient, and—above all—manageable technology strategy. The operating system can be the foundation that solidifies and unifies IT infrastructure and whatever environments it encompasses.

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® is created for innovators, made for developers, and engineered for operations. An open source Linux operating system provides the stability and consistency developers need, with the ability to run on any infrastructure and any cloud. When developers work on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, applications are developed on the same platform where they’ll be tested and deployed. Developers get a stable and trusted platform alongside the ability to use the latest tools and technologies needed for application development.

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In order to innovate freely, you need to be able to ​develop, deploy, and maintain your applications with the latest tools on the infrastructure of your choice. Developers require:

Access to development libraries and technologies, including stable development languages, databases, and containers tools on the latest hardware and cloud environments. 

Development tools that are available, secure and reliable wherever you want to use them.  

  • Speed and scalability across infrastructure footprints.
  • Long-term support and stability.


Your operating system determines how you develop, deploy, and manage systems, as well as how you react or pivot in a way that reflects your organization’s priorities and culture. Building on Red Hat Enterprise Linux lets you:

  • Manage apps and services using the same tools across infrastructure footprints.
  • Rely on thousands of developers monitoring millions of lines of code in the Linux Kernel, finding flaws and developing fixes before vulnerabilities become problems. Live patches and remediation are included so you can focus on developing and deploying quickly. 
  • Maintain critical applications for up to 10 years with deployment choices of major, supported versions and a commitment to preserve app stability with each minor update. 
  • Benefit from community-driven upstream innovation delivered with enterprise-level support to help your organization safely use open source technology.

Features and benefits

Red Hat Enterprise Linux was the recipient of TrustRadius' Best Feature Set designation.

Security and compliance

A more secure datacenter begins with the operating system. Mitigate the risk of a vulnerability by making security and compliance part of the infrastructure and application lifecycle from the beginning. Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s multilayer breach-defense capabilities include automated and repeatable security controls like the latest cryptographic standards and libraries, SELinux, and app listing.

Automation and management

Spend more time on innovation and less on repetitive tasks. Red Hat Enterprise Linux creates a stable, consistent experience for automating and streamlining the deployment of workloads, while offering a combination of automated and repeatable workflows through included tools like an image builder, system roles, and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux web console.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides reliable performance for your applications across the open hybrid cloud, allowing you to identify, analyze, and tune your workload performance while you build apps. With the built-in TuneD profiles, you can tune your system for a variety of different use cases. Red Hat Enterprise Linux also provides backports to select upstream kernel performance improvements while enabling the same level of app compatibility and stability of the existing Linux kernel.

Container development tools

Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers integrated container development, runtime tools, and secure base images to provide the consistent yet flexible host you need to accommodate container adoption anywhere you choose to deploy. Red Hat even designed a container platform, Red Hat OpenShift, so you can build, deploy, and scale cloud-native apps in public clouds, allowing you to confidently implement the cloud strategy that works for your organization.

Cloud access

Every cloud is unique and that means you need a flexible but stable operating system. Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers the flexibility of open source code and the innovation of open source communities, along with certifications from hundreds of public cloud and service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. No matter where or how you choose to deploy—on premise, in the cloud, in containers, or at the edgeRed Hat Cloud Access lets you use your subscription on Red Hat-certified public clouds.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer program

The Red Hat Developer program provides easy access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as a vast ecosystem to help you build and deploy apps in the cloud. Our Universal Base Image (UBI) uses the same Red Hat Enterprise Linux core to streamline efforts as you expand into container development projects. Access to middleware and management products make it easier to deploy, use, and monitor applications.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB In terms of running and using applications, Red Hat is consistent regardless of the underlying infrastructure... Whatever underlying infrastructure you put it on, it's still Red Hat, which is great.”


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