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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration?

CentOS Linux 7 reached its end of life (EOL) on June 30, 2024. Systems still running CentOS Linux 7 have stopped receiving software updates and patches from the CentOS community, and are now exposed to significant security risks. 

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration is a new offering designed to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux more accessible to CentOS Linux users with a competitively priced subscription and a simplified conversion process. For organizations that need more time past the EOL date, this offering is also available with up to four years of security patches and updates to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 so you can maintain consistency in your environment until you’re ready to upgrade to a newer version.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration, now on AWS and Azure Marketplaces, is your solution for a seamless transition. For specialized assistance on Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS migrations, learn how Red Hat Consulting can help.

Curious about seamless migration from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux? Discover how Red Hat offers a smooth transition with a new, competitively priced offer. Video duration: 5:22

Features & benefits

Red Hat has created a streamlined way for users to move to a production ready operating system (OS), with all the tooling in place for a consistent CentOS Linux 7 migration.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® offers a reliable and consistent OS foundation across hybrid environments–it's incredibly simple to control, easy to administer, and can be deployed on physical hardware systems, on virtual machines, or in the cloud. It also provides a simplified path for upgrading to a more current version of the OS on your timeline.

Additional four years of extended maintenance

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with Extended Life Cycle Support offering provides an additional four years of maintenance after the CentOS Linux 7 EOL date. This provides access to security patches and updates until June 2028.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with Extended Life Cycle Support includes Convert2RHEL, a command line utility that converts a RPM-based Linux OS to a fully supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS. The do-it-yourself tool provides an automated way to convert to Red Hat Enterprise Linux—instead of manually redeploying all your workloads.

No-cost subscription option

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Third Party Linux Migration with Extended Life Cycle Support, you may qualify for Red Hat Developer Subscription for Teams. This subscription offers existing Red Hat customer organizations running Red Hat technologies in their production environments the opportunity to deploy Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their development environments at no extra cost.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides organizations what they need to help create the infrastructure they want. And with thousands of certified hardware, software, and cloud partners, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a consistent foundation across hybrid environments, supporting virtually any workload and providing the tools needed to deliver workloads faster with less effort.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes:

Subscription benefits

Red Hat Enterprise Linux connects you to Red Hat’s extensive hardware, software, and cloud partner ecosystem, and comes with 24x7 support. With a 10 year life cycle, you can upgrade on your schedule and adopt new features when needed.

Automation and management

With Red Hat Insights (included with your subscription) and the Red Hat Satellite add-on, you can get a consistent and stable administrative experience, allowing admins to spend more time on innovation—less time on repetitive, error-prone tasks. Satellite also enables you to use Convert2RHEL at scale to convert multiple systems at the same time.

Install and migration tools

Our migration tools make it easy to get started if you’re coming from CentOS Linux or another distro, and you can create optimized OS images with Red Hat Enterprise Linux image builder that can handle the details of cloud deployments when you’re ready.

Everywhere enterprise IT is headed, Red Hat Enterprise Linux is there.

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