Amadeus uses next-generation containerized application platform with OpenShift

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Gabriel Bechara — Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat, Inc.
Yassine Fadli — Red Hat, Inc.
Eric Mountain — Distributed Systems Expert, Amadeus IT Group, Amadeus
Arnaud Simon — Services Delivery Manager, Red Hat, Inc.
Eric Mountain is a distributed systems expert at Amadeus IT Group, the leading provider of technology solutions for the travel industry.

To continue shaping the future of travel, they needed a state-of-the-art computing platform to help improve business performance of travel agencies, corporations, airlines, ground handlers, hotels, railways, car rental companies, airports, cruise lines, insurance companies, and ferry operators.

To continue offering highly available, innovative services to clients, IT leaders at Amadeus realized they needed a new application platform that was:

Built with resiliency, redundancy, and tolerance to failure in mind.
Highly tolerant to infrastructure fluctuation.
Highly automated to reduce the need for micromanagement of the datacenter resources.
Capable of automated recovery.

Using Docker and Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift provides application-centric deployment, resources management, constraint-based automatic placement, and application-specific logical host abstraction that serves as a unit of scheduling. In this session, Eric will share why they chose Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to achieve their goals.

Topics: PaaS, Portability, Performance, Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility, Cost savings, Cloud computing

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