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SPARKcon: Open creativity. Stronger community.

Acerca de este vídeo

What happens when you close city streets and turn over control to creatives? You get a city full of film, dance, geekery, comedy, and fashion.

Watch all the films at: https://www.redhat.com/OpenSourceStories

SPARKcon is an open festival produced by the creativity incubator VAE Raleigh. For one weekend every year, they close the streets of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina and encourage creative people to fill them with their best ideas.

Here’s the catch: There’s no curator, there’s no boss. If you have an idea—something wildly creative—you can do it at SPARKcon. With more than 2,000 artists and 300 volunteers, there are lots of people to collaborate with and help your ideas come to life.

Canal de vídeo
The Red Hat Way
Tiempo de ejecución
24 de Octubre de 2016