Tuning High Performance Ceph for Hyper-converged infastructures, including NFVi

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The next wave of transformation for Telco Cloud is Hyper-converged NFV infrastructure (NFVi) which is expected to bring cost efficiency and scale. Storage is a key piece of ay Hyper-converged platfom and new solid-state storage technologies such as Intel Optane, are bringing a big shift in compute vs. storage budget balance in Hyper-converged platforms. Intel and its Telco partners are collaborating on developing new ways to leverage these technologies in Ceph to enable a low latency, high performance OpenStack platform for Telco NFV applications. Join the team to hear about our contributions to Ceph and OpenStack-HELM and take away the basics of tuning Hyper-converged Ceph.

Learn more: https://agenda.summit.redhat.com

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