TimesofMoney Enhances its Global Transaction Platform With Red Hat

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Learn how TimesofMoney, India's leading global digital payment services provider improved performance to meet rapid growth with Red Hat® JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

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In 2001, we started with a product called Remit2India which is a cross-border payments platform. We have come out with multiple products, one of them is DirecPay, that's the brand which we use for providing payment aggregation services to merchants in India. And on each of these product lines we are able to provide what we call white labelling solutions or managed services operations. So we had an existing legacy platform, which had a certain cost; the constraint there was we were unable to expand the application, build in new technologies, 11 00:00:30,500 --> 00:00:32,500 modernise the application. When you look for a platform, that comes with a cost. cost of the platform, then there is cost of the maintenance and there is the cost of the support plus, you need an administrator at all times. So we evaluated all those parameters - From that perspective, JBoss was a good fit. We actually got what we wanted in terms of application requirements, we also recognized that with basic training we could actually convert a senior developer to a reasonably good JBoss application administrator. And the other part was in terms of licensing and all, it was more flexible. than what we have seen in the other product. The highlight of the relationship with Red Hat is they have introduced us to the whole open source architecture, open platforms, which we were not using earlier. Earlier, we were using proprietary platforms and therefore were sort of locked in. Now the challenge to move to open source has always been, Do you have enough people in the market who know it, do you get appropriate resources, and that is also one of the reasons why a lot of enterprises may hesitate to go towards open source. But having Red Hat in the background helps because we know that even if we don't get appropriate resources from the market, we can always approach Red Hat. Then in terms of training, in terms of education, in terms of dissemination of information, knowledge, about open source products, we have got great support from Red Hat. I think that would be the highlight of the relationship with Red Hat. Earlier from 6 to 7 seconds on an average, today 90 percentile of our transactions, would get a response within 3 seconds, for the e-commerce. So, yes there are significant improvements in terms of capacity, in terms of response time, in terms of what the application can support, and therefore all this translates into better business numbers.