Choosing the right storage for your OpenStack cloud

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Hear from Sadique Puthen Peedikayil, Sr. Cloud Success Architect, Red Hat APAC, and Rahul Vijayan, Sr. Sepcialist Solutions Architect, Red Hat Asia Pacific, Ltd, in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Choosing the right storage to meet various requirements of applications in an enterprise is challenging and time consuming herculean task especially when there are too many choices in the market. The story is no different when it comes to cloud IaaS using OpenStack for both public and private clouds especially when massive scalability is taken into account. One need to take too many factors into account when trying to zero in on the right storage to meet all use cases. Throughout this session, we will discuss: Details of OpenStack components like Nova, Cinder, Glance, Swift, Manila, etc that require a storage back end and how they use storage. What type of storages are available in the market, how to identify which storage is going to give optimum performance with scalability. Implications of choosing a wrong storage back end. Concept of SDS vis-a-vis to OpenStack and how Ceph can be used to meet all of the storage use cases for OpenStack, its advantages and disadvantages. When it makes sense to use a storage solution from a commercial vendor in the market instead of using out of the box Ceph storage? Factors to consider while architecting multiple storage back ends for OSP to support various workloads,cost, performance, protocol,connectivity type, capacity and scalability At the end of the session, attendees will be confident about various aspects of storage requirements for OpenStack and what type of storage is best suited for their cloud workloads while addressing all of the scalability, performance, manageability and operational aspects.

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